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Andy Goram and Alan McGregor


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Just thinking of that save in the 1st half last night by McGregor. 2 sublime keepers come to mind But who do you's think was better?...or were they just different.some may give stefan klos the nod and he was great... I think most of us older folks wud say Goram was unreal and was better. He was fantastic 1st spell but he's saved us countless times since returning under gerrard and the younger guys will only remember McGregor. But I think Andy Goram was the best we've had in my time following the club.

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Goram would seem to be more likely, but I think now if we were to compare saves, especially European games, then McGregor would have made more. 

Nice to have those two of options, cant think of any other Scottish goalkeeper who even comes close to their standard, and my memory goes back 50 years. 


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Sorry but I rate the two of them so highly I couldn't possibly choose one of them over the other........... 2 exceptional keepers.


As I said in another thread I believe AM is the best keeper in Britain atm. I can pay him no higher compliment than that.


Andy Goram was World Class too.

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7 minutes ago, DiamondDan said:

Have I stumbled into an alternative Universe? Alan McGregor cant even be mentioned in the same sentence as Andy Goram.

Well that’s just nonsense, you may think Goram is the best that’s fine but to then say McGregor isn’t even close just makes you look a fool. 

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1 minute ago, siamthedanger said:

I'm just thankful we have had 3 utterly outstanding keepers in Goram, McGregor and Klos during my time supporting Rangers. 

Christ, even our backup Niemi turned out to be an absolute machine between the sticks.

We have been blessed for a long long time when it comes to keepers. 

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