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  1. Using mobile on here

    I've had the same, bag of balls!
  2. Help required

    Getting closer all the time!
  3. Gliches

  4. Golem Banned Again

    Nothing more than a sectarian ban, what's a magical Jewish creature ever done to us? On a brighter note, glad to see that ugly gollum cunt has been banned again
  5. Have The Players That Left Been Vindicated In Any Way?

    It's been summed up perfectly already, greedy rat bastards who put money ahead of the club some of them claimed to love. There was no way they could have known what was to unfold over the coming years!
  6. Baa

    Never have any issues in Kabul airport. Maybe you need to consider flying from a better standard of airport!
  7. Rest In Peace, Arnold Peralta.

    RIP. May not have been one of the best, but he was one of us for a time
  8. Grant Russell Live Inside Court

    I'm just going by what I have read on this thread mate. If it was just him, then surely that stands us in good stead for getting it thrown out!
  9. Grant Russell Live Inside Court

    Hopefully if Easedale signed the confidentiality agreement, it will be enough to get it overturned!
  10. Bdo To Appeal.....according To The Herald

    same here mate but I would have to be careful not to touch his hair!
  11. Bdo To Appeal.....according To The Herald

    I believe you are referring to the rolodex of courageous journalists!
  12. Bdo To Appeal.....according To The Herald

    Excellent news if true
  13. Tax Expert Says Ruling Was Wrong.

    never heard the radio interview, due to location, but did the guy say whether he prefers pork scratchings, bacon fries or scampi fries? That's the real issue of the moment!
  14. Any Rsc's In The Midlands?

    Mate, I'd be very interested to hear if you find any, as we just recently moved to Evesham and would be interested for getting to games when I'm in the uk
  15. Rm Member Thebooler

    All the best on his road to recovery. He will definitely be getting some excellent treatment while he's still inside. There was a wee blonde physio who looked all sweet and innocent when I was in unable to walk. She was a bloody hard task master and wouldn't let me off with anything until she had me able to walk unaided up and down the ward and stairs, which was part of my release conditions.