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  1. Semi Final Shoot Out

    Still just the one, although it looks like he took Louie Walsh along to the game!
  2. A Tour of Ibrox with Andy Gray

    Loved that, and you can hear in his voice how much Andy loves us.
  3. couldn't tell you mate, strict no walking off camp rule nowadays.
  4. Kabul, usually watch most games if I can get a decent feed going
  5. Three stars Mark Warburton could sign

    What, no Podolski?
  6. Describe Ibrox.

    Ibrox - better than shitey Facebook
  7. John Ballantyne.

    sad news about John. Hopefully Carol makes a full and speedy recovery too. Thoughts go to their family at this terrible time
  8. Billy Ritchie

    RIP Before my time, but always sad when one of our ownpasses.
  9. proud dad

    any more tim songs and you'll have to adopt the McCann holiday method with him!
  10. Using mobile on here

    I've had the same, bag of balls!
  11. Help required

    Getting closer all the time!
  12. Gliches

  13. Golem Banned Again

    Nothing more than a sectarian ban, what's a magical Jewish creature ever done to us? On a brighter note, glad to see that ugly gollum cunt has been banned again
  14. Have The Players That Left Been Vindicated In Any Way?

    It's been summed up perfectly already, greedy rat bastards who put money ahead of the club some of them claimed to love. There was no way they could have known what was to unfold over the coming years!
  15. Baa

    Never have any issues in Kabul airport. Maybe you need to consider flying from a better standard of airport!