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  1. If we only had 2 tickets we will still fuck them
  2. I would stand in line to that to that fukin rhat
  3. Because he went fukin begging for the job must like being among those scabby bastards.
  4. Another season is too long this shite cant go on
  5. Come in SG your time is up this guy isnt right for Rangers he has lost the players and im sure quite a lot of the support wish to fuck he would do a Brenda
  6. Why they dont even listen to him anymore
  7. He is always going on about results but he doesnt learn from them its like MW draws an some defeats dont seem to bother him keep this up and it will only end one way
  8. Ticks all the boxes as a world class footballer and a nice guy but as a manager he is fukin woeful we will go nowhere with this guy at the helm to date he has done fuck all apart from beating they scummy bastards an iwouldnt put any money on him doing it again
  9. Who the fuck would want to know her
  10. This one SG has to win or there will be questions asked up until now (i have said this before)his form on must win games isnt what you would call impressive i just hope it happens for him no one can say he doesnt deserve it
  11. Like MW all over again at times the football looks great but no fukin end product
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