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  1. An so he fukin should be we have something they dont have thats runners all over the park
  2. Naismith only gets away with it because lego eater is involved
  3. Zulu

    Progres vs Ufa

    Getting away in front of yourself
  4. So this is the lot the fukin pundits say Rangers will never catch cant wait till Sep
  5. Wont belong now till Brenda has it away on his toes
  6. Zulu

    Lucky Rangers...

    I dont know why anyone would bother what that fukin closet tarrier Thompson had to say
  7. Zulu

    John off To The Swans

    Wee is the reason hes away SG seems to favour big defenders
  8. Zulu

    We are in safe hands this season

    We have the right man in charge
  9. Zulu

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Doesnt alter the facts they are a bunch of losers
  10. Zulu

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    How the fuck are they a decent team they got humped 3-1 by a half decent team
  11. Zulu

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    If we can beat them with a Murty team we will beat them with a SG team
  12. Zulu

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    The team are like their fukin boss losers one an all we run over them
  13. When things start to go tits up for them they are going to do what their good at kicking fuck out of us.
  14. Zulu

    Ally McCoist

    On the other hand Souness is saying SG could win the SPL because he doesnt think the tarriers are that good