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  1. Derek McInnes

    This is the guy who should be in by now
  2. The quote of the season from cunt Sutton they are down 7 -1 he comes away with "celtic have caused them a few problems tonight" that must have been the shots for goal they got in the way of or it would have doubled their tally
  3. Mcleish

    What a question there is no chance in your wildest dreams thats going to happen so the answer is no
  4. Mcleish

    Guy is a fukin dinosaur in todays reckoning why has no one came for him in England sell by date long gone
  5. Mcleish

    I would put more faith in Murty than McLeish
  6. Most important appointment for us

    Cant see how we can bring in an important manager we dont have a pot to piss in so who with any form will come
  7. Graeme Murty

    It certainly looks like he will be in charge come Friday
  8. Mcleish

    He just another one who wants a job fukin parasite
  9. Tony Pulis

    Walter was the one who recomended the dud BF looking for a job he couldnt get with Pedro
  10. Mcleish

    Surely even this shower of clowns cant go for yesterdays man
  11. Tony Pulis

    Its enough when cunt Sutton says Rangers should go for him as he did with McInnes they are shiteing it in case we get someone decent
  12. Scottish cup draw

    The way we are playing this could be a fukin banana skin
  13. Mcleish

    There will be a stampede to the Erskine Bridge if he gets the fukin gig
  14. Kenny Miller

    No proof my personel feeling
  15. Kenny Miller

    He doesnt want to be an sub if he doesnt get selected the toys go out the pram.