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  1. Zulu

    Levein not happy

    This old cunt has been around football long enough to have had his fair share of dodgey calls that won a game
  2. Zulu

    Jon Flanagan

    Is it the Liverpool connection that gets him the shirt i wonder it s not for abilty
  3. Zulu

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Low life tarrier bastard
  4. Game plan being stay in your own half an we might steal a no score draw
  5. Zulu

    IN: Charlie Adam [His Dreams]

    He should look towards Killie they play lard arses
  6. Zulu

    Gerrard should quit

    These cunts are running scared of us
  7. When the fuck did the irish become a race
  8. Another day of 80% of the play 0% end product 0-0
  9. This stupid bastard put the target on his back a long time ago
  10. I think its the same old case teams have sussed his type of play so they sit off us an wait on the break they know will come because he doesnt know how to break them down why dont we try their game for a change
  11. Zulu

    Ally McCoist

    Try lying down in a dark room
  12. We could beat the two of them in the one day
  13. This cunts missing the main ingrediant to have mental health issues you need a fukin brain
  14. I would like to break his fukin neck
  15. Zulu

    Manager Reaction

    Could it be the players not willing to give their all on these shite pitches