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  1. Sounds like the east end of Glasgow
  2. Zulu

    Jon Flanagan

    If hes good enough for SG hes fukin good enough for me
  3. Zulu

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Soldiers farewell goodbye an fuck ye
  4. Zulu

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Money grabing arsehole
  5. Zulu

    Fat boy Hartson

    He does have a hole in his head
  6. Zulu

    Fat boy Hartson

    Talking through a hole in his head
  7. Zulu

    Umar Sadiq

    Is SG following the pattern of others by underestimating Scottish football if he is we all know how that ends
  8. Zulu

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Thanks m8
  9. Zulu

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Why cant they get this over the line thought it was a done deal
  10. Zulu

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Rightly or wrongly these two guys are punished but this fukin tarrier loser is welcomed back with open arms maybe we dont have the money to get rid of him but this cunt done more damage than these two players
  11. How the fuck does a fukin loser like this get a job
  12. Zulu

    Gareth Mcaulley

    Looks like we are going to play walking football
  13. Zulu

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    The nearest this cunt will come to being a Ranger is looking like the Lone Ranger
  14. Whats right about them
  15. Zulu

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    Why the fuck are we even looking at this fukin tarrier was MOH not enough of an example of what these arseholes bring to Rangers fuck all