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  1. There is no fukin way this mob are going to score 3 goals against us
  2. If any cunt should be on trial its the bbc for giving these two roasters Thompson an Stewart a fukin wage
  3. To watch that killie team week in week out you would have to have been sentenced by a judge here are a squad that couldnt spell the word football but have the distinction of having the biggest dirtbag in Scottish football playing for them Broadfoot
  4. This was the guy SG said could open up defences no seeing much of that
  5. I hope its not but this could be a right slog but these bastards know that if they played an open game with us they would get there arse handed to them
  6. We have got to lay the ghost of these bastards once an forall there record against us is the only thing they have got going for them so come on Rangers destroy these cunts
  7. Thats what happens when someone plays you at your own game you shower of shit
  8. The outcome shouldnt be a concern i just hope it doesnt give us injury problems this mob know they have no chance so get everyone behind the ball an kick anything that gets near their goal
  9. I dont give a fuck who they play i will always go an watch the Gers
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