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  1. You not think we are better to just let SG deal with these things
  2. Just love watching these cunts running around like headless chickens
  3. Smiths name shouldnt even be mentioned with this fukin fenien
  4. I hope this tarrier bastard an his shitpot team get fukin horsed
  5. This fukin tarrier along with tlb will be out on their arses by the end of the year
  6. Liewell not spending money because the law will be at the door soon
  7. Another fukin nobody mouthing off
  8. Trying to make a specticle out of a farse an they say our game is shite
  9. Place is becoming like nazi germany with these cunts the brown shirts
  10. These chunts in the media really cant help themselves every time we beat these bastards its the same comment not how outstanding we were but how bad they were they dont seem to get it thats how bad they are
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