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  1. After seeing how Liverpool won their title makes them look even more corrupt
  2. Does anybody give a fuck what this cretin has to say
  3. And the leggo eater is spouting shite about beating Rangers at Ibrox
  4. Why is this fukin bawbag so interested in Rangers finances its got fuck all to do with nim
  5. These cunts take the word moron to a whole new level
  6. If they dont do something about fighting corruption then they deserve all they get why dont we give these fukin subhumans next seasons title if we lost a court case at least we be seen to have done something would these bastards have sat back an done nothing if the shoe was on the other foot
  7. These people have to be the dregs of humanity to celebrate something that happened through a deadly virus where thousands of people have died they would have been a welcome addition to Hitlers SS
  8. No more money will i be spending on corrupt Scottish football this is a total disgrace
  9. The fukin lot of them have got their snouts in the same trough time that shithole was closed
  10. The virus wouldnt want to live on these dirt buckets
  11. The mind boggles at how ugly these two cunts look from the front
  12. A way back under the rock you crawled out of beasty
  13. RTV already show all away games for £7.99 an the money goes to the club all that is needed is a VPN
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