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  1. Play the way we played Hearts we will get our arse handed to us
  2. Those scum bastards have already dropped 5 points and are still top because we cant handle it
  3. What a great footballer SG still is a credit to the game
  4. We are never great coming back after these stupid breaks but we will wait an see
  5. This is going to be another borefest they sit in we try an break them down whatever happened to just playing the game to win
  6. Zulu

    Ryan Kent

    Thank fuck your back a well Kent face
  7. No one with any sense wants him sacked but to be a Rangers manager he has got to learn to beat these bastards on a regular basis it comes with the job if you cant do it the support you have will soon die.
  8. SG could have joined the McInnes bottler club today his team selection was a fukin disgrace
  9. Fucking witch hunt there shitty teams from Europe cant beat us so they are going to try shower of shit
  10. Some of your pals no got any tickets Charlie
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