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  1. Zulu

    Manager Reaction

    Could it be the players not willing to give their all on these shite pitches
  2. Zulu

    Who do we play as striker?

    We dont need Alfredo to beat this load of shite.
  3. Who in their right mind would fukin take him
  4. Fat bastard needs somewhere to spout his shite from a hole in the head is as good as anywhere
  5. Zulu


    They didnt make a show of themselves when leaving
  6. Zulu


    We will never need that Judas bastard
  7. Big Alex saying we are not at that level and they never will be just fukin cannon fodder for any have decent team
  8. Zulu

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    How about getting right up you
  9. Zulu

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Must have missed something in the Motherwell game 5 points from 12 i dont think you see much
  10. Zulu

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Route one football is this what SG wants is this why he brought in Lafferty its going to be fukin back to McCoist type football fuck that perish the thought
  11. Zulu

    We’re still scared of them

    We need to be beating these bastards on a regular basis i know SG great guy world class player but he has to do better you cant be manager of Rangers unless you can beat them i couldnt believe what i was watching a rerun of the same old shite wont do Stevie
  12. Zulu

    Welcome to Rangers, Gareth McAuley

    Hope his bus pass will be valid here
  13. Zulu

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    Makes me wonder if SG knows what he is taking on up here we want to be beating these cunts every time we meet them and on yesterdays evidence thats not going to be anytime soon
  14. Zulu

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    They are a team starting to age but they made us look dug shite an made SG like a rookie manager which he is
  15. Zulu

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    He better get it right come Dec no excuses or he will be useing his own words to his management team "Lets go" he got away light this time he wont next time the biggest part as a Rangers manager is to beat these scumbag bastards an he better start doing it