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As in the thread title, do you agree with flares and smoke bombs being let off by some of our support ? Personally, I wouldn't do it as it's risking being arrested, charged with a criminal offence and banned from football stadiums for a while as shown on numerous occasions :




Also, considering that UEFA has now banned flares this is certainly an element of fan support I simply don't want to see happening regularly from our supporters :



With the authorities eyes already on us, why give them another reason to arrest Bears or bring us more attention?!

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No. Never. Only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt with one, and you can bet it wont be he twat that lights it. How long before the club ends up being fined for it? :(

Can you back up your point by providing evidence of a fan being hurt by it please?

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they are pussys ffs we use flares at games in the northern irish league . they bring colour and atmosphere . if used sensibly and kept off the pitch there should be know problem

The amount that gets used over your way is immense mate.

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Can you back up your point by providing evidence of a fan being hurt by it please?


I know this is a long time ago but it has happenned (quick google).

I think there are two many idiots who are putting other fans a risk and its defo a safety issue so we should leave them out.

Im sure we still have old wooden sections of old grounds and we dont really want another Bradford.

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