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Peralta, Ten Yards & A Booking


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This has to be one of the funniest footballing decisions I have ever witnessed!

Free kick to Dunfermline, Peralta gets marched back ten yards and as soon as the referees back was turned he edges forward a couple of yards... Then a couple more!

Dunfermline player starts going off his head because of this, referee then decides he has taken too long to take the free kick and comes over and books him!

To top it all off.. Referee moves the ball back a couple of yards!!

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Good to see that Peralta doesn't do all the rolling around as if he is dying when fouled these days

In fact he was quite feisty agains't the pars and I dare say if he had not been substituted he would have been red carded sooner or later (tu)

he wasn't even wearing gloves: must be getting used to the cooler climes

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He didn't just move the ball, he did a kind of back flick. Very bad referee and Dunfermline were dirty. One player hospitalised and one needing stitches is pretty unusual.

Their fans were a bit mad as well. Before the game one of their wee casuals got past the G4S blokes & had to push himself back to his own crowd as his bravado did not translate into actually doing anything.

Nearly a last minute goal rush. Moshni was very pleased with himself for getting his goal :)

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