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Seb Faure: "Not easy playing on Sh*te pitches"

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He did say it .. But as usual quoted out of context - but it did sound a bit muppetish!

i want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he isn't a native English speaker ( iirc) but ffs, the pitches are aterrible excuse for failing to make 5 yard passes.
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Ally McCoist

" it's disrespectful, they are a great club, a really good bunch of guys, they even let me sing at the warriors club "

As for Seb, I'm sure the pitches in the French 3rd division will be good for you next season

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i want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he isn't a native English speaker ( iirc) but ffs, the pitches are aterrible excuse for failing to make 5 yard passes.

The article was decent as was his command of English - he did make some points about style of play in the lower divisions - surprised the Ally oot lot have not latched into it yet

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Rangers defender Sebastian Faure hits back at Light Blues critics and says it's not easy playing on 's**** pitches'

FRENCH defender Sebastian Faure last night lashed out at Rangers' critics and accused Ibrox fans of being too harsh on the club.


Rangers' Sebastien Faure in training

Sebastien Faure last night blasted back at Rangers’ critics and insisted the team’s achievements have been “staggering”.

Despite romping to the League One title without suffering a defeat, Ally McCoist’s men have copped stick for their performances.

And fans raged at the players when they suffered a shock defeat to Raith Rovers in the Ramsdens Cup Final.

But French defender Faure returned fire as he insisted:

? Fans expect Gers to play like Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

? Any other club in Scotland aside from Celtic would have lost three or four games in League One by now.

? Gers have been forced to play on “s*****” pitches.

? It’s impossible to take more than two touches in the lower leagues.

Faure, who moved to Ibrox from Lyon in 2012, said: “The fans have seen the club in the top division for 140 years and because our name is Rangers they think we are still a Premier League team.

“They expect us to win every game 6-0 and play like Barcelona or Bayern Munich. But that is not possible.

“We have to play on some s***** pitches and that is not easy. Put any team from the Premiership, except maybe Celtic, into League One and they'd have lost three or four games by now.

“Our opponents want to beat us at all costs. The fans think we should just take one or two touches on the ball but that is not possible.

“What we have achieved is staggering. So it’s fair to say the fans are a bit harsh with us. But that is the way they have always been so we are used to it.”

Faure, though, relishes running out to a packed Ibrox and can’t wait to take on Celtic in an Old Firm game once Rangers get back to the big time.

The 23-year-old said: “At Ibrox you feel you’re playing an English Premier League fixture with the huge crowd. If a top French club fell so far down the league ladder they wouldn’t get so many fans.

“I’m looking forward to playing against Celtic. It would p*** me off to leave without playing an Old Firm game.

We hope to meet them in a cup tie next season. It is a game like no other.

For the players who will have helped the club win three promotions it will be a historic achievement. It is a huge adventure to be part of the comeback. It will leave an indelible memory.

The club may have gone down but its aura remains intact.”

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I like Seb Faure. When played in his natural position he seemed pretty comfortable. He does a job at RB, but he's for sure not comfortable there.

I can't really agree entirely with his assertions in the article, though I actually think he has a point about other Premiership sides and how they'd likely have been beaten at some stage this season. The unbeaten league run definitely has merit - no matter who the opposition is and the budget differences.

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What is it with out players swearing in interviews these days? Both Law and Faure now doing it, not very professional in my view. As for his excuses i don't know why they keep talking about it we have had 2 decent results yet they keep harping on about all the flack for the bad games, you would think they would want to move on from those games.

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I'm getting seriously concerned that the majority of pur Squad do not understand or strive to understand what it means to Play for Rangers.

Fucking worried for next season with these guys.

And it's crazy Two of our biggest Matches where defeats played in Premier Standard Pitches. One of them our own Pitch.


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