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How Many Will Warbs Bring In?


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We all know warbs loves to run with a tight squad of around 24

With 14 current players on the books, I assume he will look to progress 2 youngsters.

Having said that, I also believe we will see at least 2 go out, whether it be permanent or on loan

It wouldn't surprise me if he looks to bring in roughly 10 new faces

11 have already left so with 1 or 2 going out, a couple of youth coming up, 10 players seems logical

In terms of position, his 1st priority will be defence, with two cbs to challenge current crop, an rb as a starter and an lb at back up

I think we will then look at roughly 4 midfielders, 2 centrally and 2 wider players who will support attack and provide competition to Walsh, McKay, shiels

Then I would bring in 2 strikers. It sounds like warbs plays with a lone frontman so I expect him to bring in his preferred, with another to challenge miller and Clark for bench

Whatever lies ahead, I'm fucking pumped to be discussing transfers.

I haven't been this excited about a window since we signed naisy at midnight on deadline day!!

Ffs, I'm refreshing this page every 5 mins!

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I have seen him manage quite regularly while watching Brentford games and I also picked him out when he played for Enfield so he has always been a manager that stood out to me as having the X factor that is required to be a Rangers manager. I suggested on here that we sign the lad last year but I was shot down.

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I think warbs will bring in 7 first team regulars the rest will be squad players but to put a number on it ill say he will bring in 9

Having looked at our squad, I note the 14 doesn't include luca, mckay, Sinnamon so perhaps he may only need 7 or so

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I must admit that the prospect of a new manager and new players he could bring in a whole new team

after the shite we have watched .

Cant wait for our first game not felt like that for a while .

Not expecting miracles but a new start and new faces a chance to rebuild properly,

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We need a RB, 2 CH, 3 midfielders, 2 strikers and a GK.

We of course need more than that, however, that will have to be enough to be getting on with.

The 'keeper we bring in needs to be on capable of challenging calamity, as well. No point in bringing in garbage and finding we have a massive problem; unless we are actually going to put faith in either of the young lads, although, can't see that happening at GK in a must win season.

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