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**the official taigs v Rangers match thread**


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Sunday the 29th, 1200 kickoff.

Bates and Jack should be the only absentees through injury. Miller and Wallace miss out :whistle:



Murphy -Dorrans - Holt-Candeias


John - Martin - Alves - Tavernier



Team nearly picks itself for me. McCrorie must start in behind the midfield as he done well there in December. Holt can drop back at times and do the dirty work and we should have Dorrans target Brown. I was almost tempted to throw a curveball and include O'Halloran but I woudn't drop Candeias or Murphy. 

Cummings deserves a start over Morelos. He always rose to the occasion for HIVS v Hearts or us and won't be intimidated by that lot. 

Need to get right in their fucking faces, make an early statmenet and give them something to think about.

Sing loud and proud bears :UK:




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We should be starting with a two up front, but it will be the usual 4-2-3-1 formation with his justification being we have scored the most goals in the league. Windass will start as usual, and as usual he will go missing. Morelos will start as the lone striker, he will play mcrorie centre half with Martin again. No changes, rinse and repeat, no fight, game over.  Sick of the current lot we have,and the clueless idiot in the dugout

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3 minutes ago, harlands plater said:

We better be really up for this one, because they certainly will be. They’ll be wanting to humiliate us, not just beat us.

I really hope we are, and the squad realise how much this will mean to the fans. That's been the trend recently with them. It's not been enough to beat us, there has to be a humiliation on and off the field. 

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OK, we all thought celic would lie down to Hivs so they can get closer to us and celic could win the league next Sunday. But  Hivs were in their faces, just like the Jambos were some time ago and that's what we've got to do. In their faces from the start, closing them down, niggily tackles to upset the flow, fight for every ball and don't stand off them like we did at Hampden. Or we'll get humped again.

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Tavenier Alves  Martin/Cardoso John 


      Holt           Dorrans


 Candeias    cummings

This would be my 11.:thumbup:

Think Martin should be dropped he's a liability.


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We've tried 4-2-3-1 against them and got humped. It's a formation brenda is well prepared for and will be again on Sunday.

I would go with a 4-4-2 and have a real go at them. Hivs and Hearts showed the game plan to beat them.  They were aggressive and pressed them and they couldn't cope.

Attack and push them up the pitch. We need to press and give them no room to breathe. They have showing they can't cope vs teams that do this to them.


   Tav, Mccrorie, Alves, John

  Candeias, Holt, Dorrans, Murphy

     Morelos, Cummings


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16 minutes ago, Blue Nosed Babe said:

I would fucking love it if we won and spoiled their plans to clinch the league against us. That would have wasted their rigging of the Hivs game.

I don't make a habbit of watching the filthy cunts but did see most of the game on Saturday and thought Hibs were exceptional. 

This nonsense of it being a fix, rigged etc. is just the kind of paranoid bullshit we have laughed at the filth for years about. Total idiocy. 

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Sad to say it but we will get pumped again. And if by some miracle we get a result the players should be asked why they didn't perform in the semi-final when it really mattered.

Probably won't even watch it. Will be first OF I've ever missed but can't bear to watch our shite bag players and inept manager hand them the game on the a plate without putting a fight up.

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We line up 4-2-3-1 and get told to respect cellic, and prepare all week to stem the tide of the gallowgate galacticos then we’re beat in the tunnel like 2 week ago. 

If that’s the case I’d love the players to tell Murty to get tae fuck, go 4-4-2, press fuck out them and take the game right to them. 

Will never happen and we’ll respect our opponent at all times and allow them to have as much of the ball as they please, we don’t want to tackle them too hard now either. 


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