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Just now, Inigo said:

The fucking pantomime of fitbaw. The way they all act outraged and shuffle out if the dugout with exactly the same arms outstretched gesture like a bunch of wee courting lyre birds. 

Seems to be a Mediterranean thing especially, it's the equivalent of an overacting dive for coaches.

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2 minutes ago, Bronzy said:

Can see us going three at the back with Kent and Candeias as wingbacks.

Or even stick with the four and put Jack at LB, reckon he could do a job there.

Na shit no worries, got Halliday to cover ma man. he can sort the shit out no drama and get sent off for a fist pump no drama.

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Just now, Siwel said:

Kent at wingback would give me more hope than Halliday.

In fact, I'd play Tavernier at LB (he's played there 11 times previously, mostly with Rotherham in League One) and Jack at RB (he's played there 25 times previously).

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Just now, Inigo said:

Jack is better than Coulibally at holding. I don't think I'd want to lose that steadying influence by moving Jack to fullback.

Obviously, but any possibility of Halliday at left back gives me the absolute fear.

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3 minutes ago, Inigo said:

I don't have a fucking clue what I'd do. 

I wonder if McCrorie could do a job? With a 'sit at left back, defend, don't get delusions of grandeur by trying to attack, just sit there and defend' kind of instruction.

McCrorie there would be a decent shout. 

Move into a back three anytime Tavernier is going forward. 

He's not a great Cb, but we can only judge him playing under managers there who clearly didn't give a shit about our defence. 

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