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  1. Barrie McKay Interview

    its like he's trying to stand up straight on top of a big exercise baw
  2. Jason Cummings

    if we sign him
  3. The Rangers strip

    puma is shite
  4. a view from china

    am i the only one who enjoys a bet on the japanese horse racing?
  5. Rangers v Cel*ic review (YouTube)

    a great review!
  6. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    is there a video of the full game anywhere online?
  7. Harry Forrester ruled out of Old Firm

    i think we probably would
  8. **The Sash Bash**

  9. Bus in Glasgow

  10. Bus in Glasgow

    Seen a few topics in regards to this already so apologies but.. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supporters bus in Glasgow that might have two spare seats. Preferably near Partick, want to avoid being anywhere near the animals that may be on public transport Intae these cunts
  11. **Old Firm match betting**

    where!? i can't find tav at that price first scorer
  12. **Old Firm match betting**

    Rangers Over 1.5 team goals 12/5
  13. Your most underhand way of seeing the big game

    please tell me
  14. Glasgow pub

    You come to me on the week of an old firm.. and ask for a lunch and aseat. Such disrespect broxi. You need to be up at the crack of dawn getting pished boy