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  1. not sure what the other one says sorry
  2. more gols in 2 la liga games than the 7 pl games,
  3. 9 goals in 17 games across the 2 leagues 20 min to go total joke
  4. its at hampden mate
  5. aye its like its directly above the pitch its fucked
  6. the fucks with this camera angle
  7. neil mccann, barry ferguson, jorg albertz
  8. mls season finishing soon he coming back here when it ends?
  9. 3 points in the bag already for tims and aberdeen ffs
  10. that looks like a lonsdale or something polo you would pick up in sports direct to me
  11. one of the moments in life i will always remember where i was etc
  12. his body is fucked
  13. was only 14 so in my house, tears