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  1. Bobby Madden

    cunt can't count to 10 steps
  2. Martyn Waghorn

    quite simply the best player of all time
  3. Harry Forrester view on him ..
  4. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    fucking into them rangers
  5. Andy Haliday

    love him so much
  6. What Would You Ask Stuart Mccall?

    if the sun and the atlantic ocean were to have a fight who do you think would win
  7. Tbb I Know I Know

    would it not be easier just changing it to celtic blood?
  8. Rangers ... the most memorable matches (40-36)

    was the crowd trouble the reason for the low attendance at the old firm game? only 40k
  9. Snap back game hats.

    There are fewer more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap ....
  10. Charlie Telfer

    i remember in the summer in the hong kong 7s our youth's got to the semi final's beating the likes of man city on the way. I know it's only 7's and 11's is a different game but it at least shows we can compete with the academy's with all the money on some level. Is our youth coaching actually that bad or are some of the people on this thread actually just wanting something to moan about?
  11. Charlie Telfer

    season ticket holder since he was a young lad im sure. I wouldn't have thought so.
  12. Charlie Telfer

    One of the younger members of the u20s squad and was on the bench at the weekend. Heard great things about it him and has scored some crackers this season for the youth squad. Anyone who watches the young guys a lot.. is he a good prospect for us in the future?
  13. Is tomorrow sold out now?

    thanks mate, enjoy the game if you are going