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  1. where can i hear this
  2. date this played?? (roughly if no confirmation)
  3. Hasn't really done enough so far but i expected him to be quite a lazy player, hasn't been the case. Really does give his all, love that He obviously isn't a naturally athletic sort of player, so maybe not the type that can continue to play well into his 30s
  4. club statement: bartons a bawbag
  5. agreed
  6. ok
  7. I don't condone the dolls whatsoever. Its out of order and just plain bizarre. But if we were to write statements every time they do something out of order in an old firm we would be writing one every fixture. Yes, there is biased against us in this country but that has always been the case. No one like us, we don't care.
  8. refer to the topic started by GOAT earlier. basically that.
  9. tbh i wish we'd just leave it
  10. god i miss gedion
  11. "broonys" no used to sticking anything other than lego in his gub so that challenge was unfair