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  1. ***Rumours thread***

    That is a belter
  2. Khalid Aucho

    What's this whatsapp chat? Free josef goebbels?
  3. New strips in more detail

    Footballers should play naked anyway, wearing strips is for poofs Only real men play naked
  4. On the journey back(Memories)

    The 4-0 at Easter Road was an absolute cunt, probably the worst performance I have ever seen from a Rangers team l, followed closely by the Alloa cup game I'd say the best memory for me was when we went to Hibs in the Petrofac, nobody knew what to expect. We had been dire, slaughtered in some games and were rudderless for most of the season...then out of nowhere we absolutely fucking destroy them. The championship took note that day and most of them knew who was going to be champions. Old firm semi of course, was jumping around cuddling my family in the house with my wee guy, he didn't really know what was happening, he just knew his Da was very happy with 2 veins pumping oot his nut and he was getting picked up and squeezed like I hadn't seen him in 2 years Wasnt just a game of football that day, that was also a step up and take notice you cunts, for the beasts always get snared
  5. Still hurting

    not that date the name! Can't remember what is was, vinegar of peedolink or something similar That was a fucking sore one that night, had so many highs and lows that I vowed after demotion to Division 3, I was going to celebrate the wins and ignore the defeats works most of the time
  6. Still hurting

    This isn't like the 80s mate, there are two horses in Scotland and the law of averages Rangers will be challenging for the title every year just as it was, surely you can see this?
  7. Still hurting

    They are fucked as it is, one more season down there and I believe they will cement there place as a championship club and struggle to get out. Shit that they won it but it is probably the last thing they will do for a long long time, and for wee teams, that seems to be enough
  8. Still hurting

    We are going to win loads of trophies though, it's not childish it's reality. Our fan power and pulling power will ensure we quickly catch up with the scum and then nature takes its course. If the rest of Scottish footballs fans bothered to turn up to games and give their clubs some money they would maybe have a chance. Those days are gone. The whole of Scottish football knows we are almost back to the top which is why there is a shit stained smell all over Scotland, and why the scum are spunking £2.4m a year on Rodgers. The wee teams can have their 5 minutes, coz we are about to have another 100+ years
  9. Still hurting

    Without a doubt! There is only one winner this year! The junkies may say they would rather have the cup than promotion but let's hear them say that if they face another season in the play offs. Fail to come up and that's 4 years with no double old firm, less TV, continuing empty seats! Glass half full loyal! 2017/18 could possibly be the season when we are ready for the champions league and we can say "Bet your glad you won the Scottish cup, enjoy another year of Dunfermline, Dumbarton and Raith "
  10. Still hurting

    It did mean a lot to me too but I just blank it out, otherwise it consumes me. Was at the game when Jan 17letter name score a last minute winner in 2008. Was in Manchester when we lost, remember watching the 6-2 game. I believe it was Valentines Day when my heart was ripped to pieces and the onslaught began. I didn't mean to imply it meant fuck all, but I take a different approach nowadays and look ahead to the next win rather than over analyse the defeat, it just drives me fucking mental. But I am the man though
  11. Still hurting

    Exactly mate, you can't win em all, we are going to see countless trophies soon, ain't no big deal Would have loved to have won it but equally for me, promotion is all that counts, win some you lose some
  12. Still hurting

    Was over it by Saturday night
  13. Demonstration

    You know, the world would be a better place if everyone was a man of science
  14. Demonstration

    There is absolutely no bias, the SNP are good for Rangers, we are all paranoid. Anyway must go.....
  15. League cup: Rangers Group F

    Fuck the po-leece Cummin straight from the cope-land