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  1. Britain is our country, moving to England is not really cross border anyway, more like moving from New York to Washington
  2. I think the scum are pushing this more than us, seems to be that liewell has everything in place, wants to stay in Scottish cup, leave B teams in SPFL, contributing payments to the SPFL to help it grow etc etc We have been too busy trying to restore our club back to the top and internal fighting while they cunts have had all the time in the world to plan which if you look at it, seems convenient that we are now back in the top and this has come up
  3. It all comes down to Sky I believe and BT Sports, if they push it it will happen
  4. You could expect takeovers from China imminently if this was rubber stamped
  5. It's only a matte of time, whilst UEFA say no to an Atlantic league, the time will come to break away from UEFA If the FL decide to invite us and the terrorist loving nappy rippers, the Dutch and Nordic countries may step in and offer an Atlantic league without the approval of UEFA, perfect timing as well considering to qualify for the champions league is exclusive to those with cash Whatever will happen will happen but there is no way we are staying in Scotland forever
  6. We need a season back and some quality additions, these guys aren't up to it I'm not convinced Waghorn will make us any stronger when he returns or Windass Hope to fuck I'm proved wrong
  7. Ps the attackers are just as bad, no supply to Garner, no creativity in midfield and the shots on target, if we had any, would probably be pish anaw
  8. How we have went into this season with Hill Keirnan and Wilson is a fucking mystery
  9. A lot of low count posters have arrived
  10. No pass marks to anyone They've all be shite
  11. Our season has been fucking shite! Warning signs were there against Hamilton, we need subs at half time!