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  1. Best goal in an old firm
  2. Obsessed anti Rangers bheast outed

    Where abouts in Torremilinos is he? I'm heading over very soon and would like to obviously say hello and ask him what his problem is Non violent of course
  3. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    Getting to the final should be motivation enough to carry on till the end! Not just before it, dreadful run of form, thank fuck the league was won ages ago
  4. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    So beating Celtic and suddenly nothing else matters? Sorry guys, this is not how it works! Fucking sort it
  5. Everton want Warburton? (No quotes)

    Don't think MW is shy of a few bob, was he not already turning over a few million as a trader
  6. Big Wes Orders Some Red Panties

    If you cannae smell the Rangers goalies baws then who the fucks can you smell???!! Jesus man
  7. Cup final ballot it's official

    Also, this topic lacks poll!
  8. Cup final ballot it's official

    Sounds to me like folk wanting their cake and eating it :smokepipesmiley:
  9. Cup final ballot it's official

    Yes it does
  10. Cup final ballot it's official

    Fairs fair
  11. Barrie Cam

    Can I get my camera back
  12. Police Scotland tonight

    Scotland will become a Northern Ireland if the separatists get their way
  13. Police Scotland tonight

    Racist and inciteful lyrics of the national anthem Sing the billy boys
  14. Police Scotland tonight

    Exactly my little posh friend, exactly
  15. Police Scotland tonight

    Ooh ahh Cameron say ooh ahh Cameron Ruth Davidson loyal