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  1. This is the start
  2. Fuuuuuuuck thiiiiiiis Pint!
  3. Ok, here we go Midfield let us down with barely any movement, not coming back to take the ball off defence When Halliday did come back he was as slow as a week in the jail to get the ball out and look for a pass Tav was absolutely woeful, lost the ball god knows how many times, put our team under unnecessary pressure and lost any momentum we could have gained Barrie McKay is lost, he is nowhere near his best and needs dropped Waghorn, that Miss was fucking criminal, offered nothing today and like most of the team the first touch and pass was dreadful Wallace couldn't get forward because he was getting the ball from defence after the midfield were on existent, so no chance of overlapping, and when he did rarely get forward bar the penalty his crosses were shite Forrester, slow, bad decision making, dreadful Pass marks to Garner (just), Hill and Wilson and Holt but that's not saying much Warburton doesn't know how to change it except like for like, MoH was shite, Miller at least tried and thought Kranjcar did well All in all, a shite performance and beat by a shite team 2 shite teams on that park today
  4. Yes, it's no longer a warning sign in our play, it's just the play and for that reason he needs to go Its the same shit every week
  5. Aberdeen are Fucking shite as well, they didn't deserve to win but neither did we as we were equally shite but I can see why they haven't won fuck all since we've been away, surprised how bad they actually were I take comfort yet again that it won't be long until we are pumping these cretins Long season ahead
  6. Holts energy is stopping them playing and the pressing of Garner is making them panic, although Garner hasn't hit the ground running his desire is there for all to see Its energy we've been lacking
  7. Our passing isn't good enough and is stopping the momentum when going forward Need to step it up a gear and they are there for the taking
  8. Deleted his twitter has he? Can he delete this thread and peoples personal screenshots?
  9. I didn't type that, I blame Gogzy
  10. That Adam guys twitter seems to be a bit slow, taken it down? His address has been posted
  11. I know the guys you speak of, and to be honest, they are probably just not that way enclined to "grass" as they put it and they are probably at today's game so I hope they are dishing out their own revenge I don't give be a fuck about other supporters, if the police want, I'll run to the court with my screenshot and bounce up and down and say "it was that cunt your honour, send him down"
  12. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the Hate Crime reporting form. This form has been passed on to the appropriate member of staff and will be dealt with shortly. Got a case number, let's see how these cunts do their job