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  1. Giving opposition fans a good hiding

    Sorry for disagreeing with you the other night mate, was only kidding honest
  2. Aluko is only 26 too   We had a player there, tremendous 
  3. Madden Apology To Halliday

    You may well be correct
  4. Madden Apology To Halliday

    Credit to the bald man The Morton sending off though, the ref doesn't need to apologise for that though He should retire instead
  5. McKay wants to sign new contract

    At least you are consistent 
  6. Replay not on the telly

    As much as the SFA are a bunch of tits, UEFA are much the same   Stupid rules and an absolute nonsense 
  7. Match Reaction From That Guy

    2nd biggest team in Glesga Partick Blues are Dane Awrite int they 😂
  8. Mid fucking table Right, that's me out, didn't realise we were chasing promotion to La Liga Shitting it from Real Partick next year
  9. Kilmarnock fans - we know where their loyalties lie

    They probably sing it to the scum as well Are you Alex Salmond?
  10. Sack The Manager

    Shooting was awful today, that's not the managers fault but lack of concentration Waggys control when he was through was just abysmal A bit of long range shooting now and again would force the defends out and leave gaps
  11. Anyway, once we beat Celtic and win the league I'm sure you will take great pleasure in being wrong if you are right however, well, that would be shit
  12. You know what I mean ffs. Most of your OP was good, quite a lot I agree with but again you hold the scum in the highest regard and think they will beat us and I disagree. Have you ever considered that people here may have seen them play and there is a reason some of us have absolutely no fear against playing them? Sadly I know a couple of scum supporters and they genuinely do not want us at Ibrox, what does that tell you? Do we need to improve? Always Can we cut it at premier league level? Yes Can we compete with Celtic with this team? Absolutely Can we beat them? Of course we fucking can You may call yourself a realist, I call you a surrender monkey and a shitebag  All in jest of course
  13. Face palming at the thought of beating Celtic, you seriously think they would "destroy us" don't you Yeah I remember your other post and it just seems like you couldn't wait to come on here and start this as if this game makes you right when it is completely the opposite Our strikers had an off day, what more can you possibly want from this team other than some chances taken? You say we are not quite there, ok, maybe missing a clinical goal scorer at most but "face palming" when someone suggests we will beat that lot, it absolutely evades me how you can hold them up so high We will never see eye to eye on this so no point going over old ground. Once we beat Killie in the replay and beat the scum in the following rounds I'll expect you to start a thread titled "now can we be honest about how wrong I was"
  14. Yes still awake here thanks   Just you keep face palming every time someone thinks we can beat Celtic