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  1. Haha didn't set off, love it when a plan fails
  2. What have I missed? Is he defo not playing for us again? Has this been confirmed?
  3. Having 12 kids and big five heed doesn't make it easy to get on here, leave me alone
  4. MoH injured or just unlikely to get a look in? I'd play him purely based on they cunts looking to attack and leaving space in behind
  5. It means your comments are sincere, for example... Welcome to the forum, you seem to be an excellent poster
  6. If Kiernan plays I'm getting absolutely smashed
  7. Press them high, chase them down and we'll win Sit off them and we'll lose
  8. "What is dead may never die"
  9. hallo hallo wir sind die billy Jungen
  10. Love watching they cunts get beat man, especially at home, I fucking love it Love it Fucking yes! German Sevco Bastards This was me at the first and second goals
  11. Yassssssss thats an angry yas, get t up you dirty bastards
  12. No Surrender Fernando