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    @Bears r us hacked my computer, honest
  3. ZZed


    A stroke of genius or delusions of not being a knobhead; not sure which
  4. Today
  5. Glad you made it out mate. Terrible day that.
  6. We’ve a chance to sign this boy, and just watched those highlights. Imagine if we had even better players around him. The lad has vision. Just need players that can clue in to what he’s trying to do. He’s only going to get better.
  7. Not necessarily so ,A mate of mine changed jobs in early March ,he had a run in with a boss at the turn of the year and they tried to sack him through disciplinary process ,They made a cunt of it though ,His line manager had a word in his ear and advised that he should look for another job but would be kept on in the meantime Anyway he started early March and kept working through till 2nd weeks of April ,work started to get quiet so he was made redundant and wasn’t able to be furloughed ,His previous employer then took him back on and put him on furlough ,so rather than being on universal credit he’s at least earning a decent enough wage to keep him going ,As of yet he’s unsure if he will be kept on a full contract by this company
  8. I’d put him just behind the striker in a 3-5-2. McGregor Goldson Helander Katic Tavernier Jack McCrorie Aribo Barisic Hagi Morelos
  9. Saw that. Wee ginge is right.
  10. Tiger Shaw


    I thought all ST holders got the founder members thing for free, I don’t remember paying any extra for it. Was a pile of shite anyway, shity wrist band, a badge and a wee gay certificate saying I’m a founder member or some nonsense like that😆
  11. Blue Nosed Babe


    I have heard nothing since I bought my membership
  12. Yesterday
  13. The No.9

    FIFA 20

    This didn't age well
  14. two subs under Murty once with Gerrard.
  15. How many sub appearances?
  16. 857 minutes of football is 14 hours yes.
  17. It's not really 14 hours though is it let's be honest.
  18. Morelos 14 hours of football against them 0 goals. Defoe 2 hours of football vs them 0 goals.
  19. Not even pass of the season...he's no Scott Allan.
  20. 15 players per club, on the maximum amount claimable (£2,500 per month, in reality would be much lower) = £37.5k per month IMO that amount is minuscule compared to the overall cost but could be life changing to those 15 guys but I can see it from both sides.
  21. I can understand somewhat now but I still totally disagree, the furlough grant is there to support those affected by the current situation - these guys will be unable to get alternative work. If the eligibility criteria asked the employer to consider the likelihood of contract extension etc then I’d agree with their decision but it doesn’t so they’re making a moral decision when they’re not being asked to. At the end of the day it’s the employers decision but if I was a player at the club with a long contract I don’t think I’d be eager to stay given the actions of the chairman.
  22. I think extending the contract solely to place them on furlough was something Frasier Wishart was spouting to all the players and clubs when all this kicked off. As above, it just seems a bit disingenuous for a club to do so if they have no intention of keeping that player on - all they're doing is getting the UK public to pay said player at a higher wage than they will be on benefits (as is the only choice for other people in a similar situation outside of the playing football world who has their contract come to an end right now).
  23. He was brilliant in that game. One of the best fullback performances I've seen from a Rangers player. Spooky.
  24. Fuck me, he got his point across really well there. Well said Gareth. We need more of this.
  25. No!! How the hell do we turn that round??? And the rest....
  26. To me it’s different if an employer has intention of giving you further work whereas no further contracts were going to be giving to RF by RC so I see the chairman’s view.
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