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  2. They really are sub human scum https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/totally-disgusted-vandals-slammed-defacing-16591498
  3. Golf is hugely exciting, don't know why more insomniacs don't watch it for a cure.
  4. I live 10 minutes from Portrush, place is a shithole
  5. The open starts tomorrow morning at 6.45am with Darren Clarke hitting the opening tee shot. Mcilroy a heavy favourite with him growing up playing the course and being the course record holder. Fancy Rahm, Casey and Fowler to put in good performances. Outsider, I fancy Leishman to do something.
  6. I have never understood this undisclosed fee nonsense
  7. If weโ€™re seeded in the playoffs would we be away 1st leg/Home 2nd?
  8. How many yellow cards can you accumulate before suspension?
  9. according to a mate who's a Blackpool fan he says they paid over a million for him can't see that being right
  10. Heโ€™s so contrary he ends up arguing against his own point half the time or changes the subject and just throws out an insult. Such a tiresome poster.
  11. Some tough teams I would like to avoid in that draw,one thing is for sure a lot of them team donโ€™t wont us either.
  12. Insults over any real substance. Just about sums you up perfectly.
  13. take your heavy jacket - was snowing n Banff last september - ach you'll be fine Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for the Banff National Park region on Friday morning. Parts of central Alberta, including the Red Deer and Drumheller areas, were added to the warning on Friday afternoon. Ten to 15 centimetres of snow is expected in the regions under the warnings through the night Friday and into Saturday morning.
  14. To date. 100% certainty it isn't the last,if only plod would get off their fat lard arses and enforce the law and fuck the scottish government. Just get out and lift the bastards who covered it up,and lift the cunts still covering it up.
  15. Probably my least favourite ever signing. Him or Ian Black...
  16. What a fucking wanker.
  17. Back up is still making a cunt of this hours later!!!
  18. Assumed it was longer, done Italy with the school and it was awful.
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