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  1. Patience needed

    The players shat it, bottlers game was ours to be won up twice, lose 3 to fkn 10 men this mob have stole titles after we were illegally demoted played Fck all for 6 yrs and by the looks of it many years to come. Nvr mind their wage bill or alleged cash we have tossers in a blue jersey who don't fkn know or care who they are playing for just a fkn wage to them.
  2. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Did he move on and learn from this?
  3. Alves ahead of Martin

    And a shitebag
  4. Guess who's back back again

    Age or not some of the chances we have missed for all our dominance in games he would have stuck some of them away.
  5. King at BBC today

    Two fkn parasites together that bstd Murray involved with Ticketus and in around the boardroom and Robertson a fkn leech sucking the Blue Pound?? get them and the rest to fck
  6. LAST time we had a hero??

  7. Where do you sit?

    East Enclosure SE2 good seat and accessible
  8. You'll be a Sturgeon a"se licker no doubt, r u sure u r on the right site a Tartan Trannies member?
  9. Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    Odds on Andy Cameron will get one along with the other parasites
  10. What's their problem?

    Are u for fkn real, or a pal of them
  11. Our Board

    Fuck Them shower lying bstds time to boycott but hold firm but to many within the support are fantasist blazer chasers
  12. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    Thought we already were doing that 70 mins + "enough for me" aka Subway Loyal
  13. Hello GB, Would there be Red Tshirts "Made in Glasgow 1872" Size XL I asked before but life got in the way. thanks
  14. F*** The Board.

    C1872 r backing them but they represent the fans