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  1. A decent wee player and gave us 100%, not like some of the bottlers we have just now speedy recovery πŸ‘
  2. Just like the Hibs fans who assaulted the Rangers team SCF this was swept under the carpet
  3. Spot on the SFA/Police done Fck all about this but we know why Lieswell/Reilly contrived to sweep this well under the carpet, also our Board done Fck All about this to defend our support or players.
  4. I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch Bigoted, Biased C###s πŸ‘
  5. S R is bridge builder a rat πŸ€ an enemy within
  6. Remember playing with the Sarry Flute Band we stopped at Corby early 80’s on way back from London and had parade in the evening around the town and up to Rangers Supporters Club. Good Times indeed πŸ‘
  7. Just in time for the SFA Christmas party a nice earner for Lieswell and his palsπŸ€”
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