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  1. ps95v7

    George Adam MSP (SNP)

    Oh they do and they know who they are ‘enemy within’🇬🇧👍
  2. ps95v7


    Wag horn scored for Derby tonight against Chelsea ☹️
  3. ps95v7


    No, but I have seen some punters getting access to paper tickets just wondering how it works thanks
  4. ps95v7


    How do I go about getting a paper ticket from the TO for Spartak game. I got the 3 match package on my Season Ticket and got somebody who wants to go. Genuine Reason Admin move if this post if required apologies in advance.
  5. ps95v7

    Edmiston Drive

    Thoughts are with ED and his family & friends, I chatted with him a few times. So sad
  6. Still can’t take a corner kick or cross a ball just sayin
  7. ps95v7


    I received the Orange Top today XL, sending it back the badge is ‘Ironed On’ not embroidered for £60 it will be a No from-me
  8. Is this the best Lieswell can come up with🙄
  9. ps95v7

    SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    Spot On👍
  10. ps95v7

    SPFL Board Changes

    Not a conflict it's his feet in three camps SFA/SPL & UEFA just need to get used to it the Tarriers run the show including GCC
  11. ps95v7

    Allan McGregor