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  1. 👍 I was 11 years of age do not think I will see us lifting another trophy in my lifetime in Europe
  2. If this is true and with being disabled and use the ACP where are those that are disabled and have a range of issues going to park? I have emailed RFC to see if they ha e any contingency plans in place for disabled supporters should this be true awaiting response.
  3. Was it not unanimous ? if so the shister SR must’ve voted for it
  4. We were not governed by the SNP or Sturgeons Stormtroopers back then and yea it was in Evening Times or the Evening Citizen😉
  5. “We are not good enough”
  6. A long way to go yet mate, IMO a long way for we forgive bstds that illegally dropped us of a bridge but I see where you are coming from.
  7. Regret the day I came back to this Rabid/Nationalist/Republican shit hole
  8. I wouldn’t even take the petrol money😏
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