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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Attention Seeking Scab
  2. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    Everyday, all about the team in those days and we were Financially Solid ran by Rangers People, not charlatans When the Board spoke the SFA listened, how far we have fallen.
  3. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    Exactly, need to get the cash from somewhere and where better the bank of "the Blue Pound"
  4. Linfield

    Good Luck tonight to Linfield against Scumdee United Linfield one of the only clubs to stand by us when others were knifing us in the back. All the best to David Healy's team being televised on BBC Sheepshagging (ALBA) 17.15 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. News on Alves

    Fkn spot on he can fkn stay in Spain another dud here for the wage
  6. Union bears display

    Thought they all had
  7. After today will the board speak.

    Spot on "let me top you up Peter, games like this, leave you with an awful thirst"🤗
  8. SPFL statement

    Spot on mate and probably Doncaster as well
  9. SPFL statement

    Still waiting and will wait a long time pal but hey ho the jolly boys of our Board will have a great day out on Saturday with Peter and his pals Building Bridges, wouldn't surprise me if Doncaster is there as well (won't be the first time) It matters not a jot Lieswell orchestrated our demise and some of our support are happy with this way that the Board have acted. ancient way forward "Dignified Silence"
  10. No Board Statement Yet?

    It will if we let it, there were plenty "Wordsmiths" around when this Scumbag surfaced but if we are content too accept King etc to entertain Lieswell, then so be it #sweepsweep
  11. No Board Statement Yet?

    As title still no response from our "Bridge Building Board" on Lieswell's muck racking statement relating to EBT's etc. Not unless King and his chums will personally deliver their statement on Saturday, when they graciously invite the Republican cabal to Ibrox on Saturday. Fkn Dignified Silence
  12. We drew 2.2

    The records just keep on coming & the worst being against them. What's the odds on Thistle knocking us out the League Cup on the Tuesday & them bettering 5-1 on the Saturday at home?
  13. Broxi reconciliation with family

    As cringeworthy as that freeloading parasite Andy Cameron
  14. Ban them from ibrox

    Changed days though mate they have been rancid for years but now they are rabid with hatred now. We have start fighting back,minimum tickets at the most. 1-1 game was there it was subdued, they scored first but at least no seats were broke. The hatred is at a different level now, and about time we stepped up to the mark.