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  1. What's their problem?

    Are u for fkn real, or a pal of them
  2. Our Board

    Fuck Them shower lying bstds time to boycott but hold firm but to many within the support are fantasist blazer chasers
  3. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    Thought we already were doing that 70 mins + "enough for me" aka Subway Loyal
  4. Hello GB, Would there be Red Tshirts "Made in Glasgow 1872" Size XL I asked before but life got in the way. thanks
  5. F*** The Board.

    C1872 r backing them but they represent the fans
  6. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

  7. Scottish cup draw

  8. Poppy Scotland

    Just for your information troops Poppy Scotland got a re-stock of Rangers & Poppy badges on website today
  9. Heart and hand podcast

    You are not wrong there👍👍
  10. Heart and hand podcast

    But he went there to get his so called injury treated where he should've remained at our expense
  11. Heart and hand podcast

    Wherever should have fkn stayed there
  12. Heart and hand podcast

    Alves should go as well should have stayed in Spain fkn Donkey
  13. Well done Ryan Jack

    Spot on get Rangers players to Fck from they corrupt bstds
  14. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    Not before time shower of fkn bridge builders
  15. Pedro Press conference

    Traynor is a fkn arsewipe, paid for Fck all