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  1. At this point in time we don't actually owe HMRC anything, is that not right?
  2. AJ was always in America and had very little to say when he was actually employed by us, now he can't keep his trap shut. I trust this guy less and less every time he opens his mouth.
  3. Just cos it's on ff doesn't mean the originator is from ff or even a bear. It's a rumour nothing more and someone on ff has decided to share it. Not every rumour is true, and in regard to rangers they're usually false. There were lots of rumours when Jelavic was out injured. They turned out to be false and malicious, wouldn't surprise me if today was the same.
  4. There's rumours every match, our enemies always try to unsettle the team it's nothing new.
  5. Don't think he'll get the international clearance in time
  6. Who's first getting his name on their shirt? Hope he's not squad number 67.
  7. I reckon he'd have to go with Mervan on his shirt. Nae danger will people buy a shirt with Celik on it!
  8. An hour later and still nothing on SSN or anywhere else. A few folk have taken the timmy bait I'm afraid.
  9. I'll be asking for my money back if we sell him. In fact I'd be very tempted to ask for my season ticket money back!
  10. Doesn't deserve a wage rise given his performance in recent weeks.
  11. Timmy propaganda machine is in full flow on this one so be wary of any sources is all I would say.
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