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  1. TheBoyDave

    And So How Far Have We Now Come

    All things considered with largely new squad against quality opposition,Morelos missing away from home going a goal down so early this is a great result.Villarreal are pot 1 we are pot 4 this on paper and likely in reality was our hardest group fixture.Proud of the team and staff we are on our way back to where we should be.
  2. TheBoyDave

    Gerrard gtf

    Gerrard Gtf Great Tactical Foresight I agree.Great result did not get so see anything other than last 10 minutes due to work but 2-2 is impressive considering past seasons.
  3. TheBoyDave

    Allan McGregor

    Solid keeper is a good upgrade on what we had prior to his return.I was angry at him for the way he left but the bigger picture as much as it pains me to admit he is what we needed.Free transfer good ability knows the expectations and may bust a gut proving himself all over again to us.For now I have forgotten the bad(will be redeemed if leads us to 55) but not forgiven .I defo feel more confident with him and our defence when opponents create chances and have set pieces.
  4. TheBoyDave

    Croats Kicking Off

    Also if any of our fans stepped in and protected any of your fellow fans from getting hurt then hats off to you.I hope that the police get the scum that started this and used weapons not folk protecting themselves or others.
  5. TheBoyDave

    Croats Kicking Off

    The people who did the stabbings need to be caught and brought to account.Regardless if it was our or theirs that were stabbed this is scummy behavior and i hope nobody is seriously injured.I love Rangers and the Croats love their team too but I see no reason to go to football match and start fights and attack people with weapons. The secondry issue is the policing and if they have had a stand off approach that has emboldened trouble makers to do this.I don't mind people who start trouble getting a doing but not stabbed ffs.
  6. TheBoyDave

    Fans / atmosphere / Jack

    I watched this at local pub and felt the atmosphere at Ibrox seemed top notch even from watching on tv, hats off to our support.We managed the game really well and were comfortable,determined and organized .We missed a few chances to put it to bed and I loved us pressuring their defence in to mistakes.I do not think any of our players played poorly despite late goal.Good solid foundations to build on.We do not seem the same soft touch that we were last season.We are a work in progress still but I am liking the progress.
  7. TheBoyDave

    Gerrard undaunted by tough start

    I am sure in one of Stevie G's interviews he said something along the lines of having players well prepared and them having no excuses not to perform.If the gaffer can instill this mindset to the players they should relish the challenge and use it as motivation.You could also argue that the players will be fresh and willing to impress new manager and the on paper tougher fixtures could be a great opportunity to build belief.
  8. TheBoyDave

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    If you have a personal bank account bank charges for one unpaid item is usually low.Business bank accounts usually have automatic fees and also higher bank charges in the 20 to 25 quid ballpark.Companies usually have these fees to discourage late payments and not be out of pocket for any ahem admin.Ithink bank charges and late payment fees are a nice little earner.May be idea to speak to your bank GOAT to see if they will charge you and if they can waive it as goodwill gesture.
  9. TheBoyDave

    Ryan Jack Red

    No red for me.I see this as a variation of a 50/50 60/40 etc. A bit of context also is that Ryan is perceived to be a dirty player despite having red cards rescinded the opposite of Scott Brown who can foul all day long without punishment. Ryan Jack is committed and gets to ball first. When assessing the situation Jack can try to control ball and risk losing possession or play the ball. Jack chooses to play the ball likely also knowing that if the ball is played and tackle comes in after he has played the ball he will likely get freekick and safe possession of the ball. I believe Jack chooses to play a side footed pass with power to either 1.Find teammate out wide 2.Draw a foul for late tackle 3.Play ball off opponent to get throw in or to deflect into path of another player. If playing sidefooted pass with power your foot will come off the ground and moves forward this is kinetic energy and how using force creates velocity to move the ball at pace.This looked natural to me I seen no intent malice and Jack can only control what he does not Mays reaction. We should appeal this we should win.
  10. TheBoyDave

    Rangers FC statement

    Great statement and also likely to be very in touch with the thoughts and feelings of the vast majority of our fans.I am glad we are speaking out and not allowing this to be swept under the carpet.
  11. TheBoyDave

    UFC live.

    Feel bad For Condit he should have won I like both fighters but can only give rounds 2 and 5 to Robbie at best.
  12. TheBoyDave

    UFC live.

    Holly Holm YASSSSSSSSS.Hype train well and truly derailed.
  13. Dominated the game but a few lapses and slow build up made this a hard fought victory.Pleased that Waghorn did not allow his head to go down after penalty saved(Nicky Law went over to keep his head up and keep Waghorn focussed).Mckay did well perhaps a quieter game by our fullbacks standards but so pleased that we played to the end and never gave up.
  14. TheBoyDave

    UFC live.

    Hope you win would prefer Dodson to take this one he showed he is capable of troubling Dj in first fight should be good scrap.
  15. TheBoyDave

    *** Scottish Championship Thread ***

    Queens park 1 up vs our rivals Dumbarton in extra time.