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  1. train to salzburg then vienna trains running all time mate get urself doon to party
  2. It ll be a Chinese investor, wae the Morelos thing etc must be from their!
  3. They need managed and organised! we were winning! They only needed to get 3 at back and get extra bodys in midfield make a few passes im a blindman no a fitbaw manager and even i could see that
  4. Murtys fault cannae believe didnt change that Club are run by fools now. Thee fucking stupidiest week in living history announcing Murty as manager when they ll end up having to sack him by new year. Jim Traynor must be calling shots at Rangers cause noone has a fkn clue what theyre doing.
  5. can noone gee the guy a break on communication skills? murinho was same years ago using wierd phrases think its wierd our own fans cant see him struggling a touch
  6. apart from spraypainting thats my only gripe with them is they cant sing the rangers great tunes instead of COPYING stupid tunes that celtic fans sing then change the words I dont think they will go down ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ route of billy big shots so should defo be heard, if the chanfe the songs get me in the safe standing and ill join the union bears!!
  7. weve now got wrong striker on park tactics second half bit crazy
  8. did u get in ? im in just now totally mental
  9. unreal site watchin band on las vegas strip outside planet hollywood whole place stopped including casino for 20 mins unreal!!
  10. going to vegas?.... rangers snd chsmpions league final will go out ur mind when u hit Fremont Street!!!!
  11. fkn hell Craig do u not think u done that all urself? Ive no interest any of ur work, club1872 or anything, I like the part u go and see rangers and are in the crowd supporting Rangers, I fkn hate u standing with banners with ur poxy fan groups logos that are bigger than the messsge on them. Stick to supporting ur club and if ur amazing at car sales then that would outshine any abuse u would get! Anyway if i applied for job u woulda all been fkd lol
  12. Its always been about individuals more interested in themselves than Rangers.....when you protest with banners with fan group logos bigger than the message your trying to get across shows that. Club 1872 was always doomed to disaster, I refused to join that or any other '' Fan group' when my late gran and papas contributions to the RFFF all disappeared and there donations to the club never got there. Time to go back to being a RANGERS SUPPORT, we never needed fan groups for over 100 years and dont need them now !
  13. I dont know if Mcleish is long term answer, but i think i would be happy with him for a few months to install a standard in there again mate. Lets face it, Rangers have nothing any more..... If someone comes in to buy us, NO BASSA better chase them away unless its a total undesirable !
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