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  1. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    wish this judas fake kid on captain would stop getting mentioned on Rangers forums
  2. Alves needs to go

    murty says he was bad but looked like he shat it not a bear clapped him leavin round track ta ta shot of him now
  3. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    why we singing bout them winning 10 in a row? why we lowering ourselves to there level wae this song? They sing a tune, we copy it with rearranged words... this creativity? sing fkn Rangers songs ffs theres hunners of them The title is this is how it feels to be Rangers NAW ITS FKN NO GET A FKN GRIP WITH THIS SONG from a non pc bear
  4. Auction item - Anyone have a Blue Room?!

    £125 for moi gb PM Me on rm fund dues as no been on for while uve no been nipping be yet lol
  5. Auction item - Anyone have a Blue Room?!

    been knockin ma pan in mate still listening and readin as much as possible
  6. They need managed and organised! we were winning! They only needed to get 3 at back and get extra bodys in midfield make a few passes im a blindman no a fitbaw manager and even i could see that
  7. Murtys fault cannae believe didnt change that Club are run by fools now. Thee fucking stupidiest week in living history announcing Murty as manager when they ll end up having to sack him by new year. Jim Traynor must be calling shots at Rangers cause noone has a fkn clue what theyre doing.
  8. Our Board

    i Honestly now would get shot of King and couple others. We are a complete laughing stock, so unprofessional......... We sink lower and lower week after week in terms of football, off field etc. Why we even went for McInnes is beyond me, celtic got Rodgers. They lead the way, Get a fkn Top Manager in and let him bring guys on and sell our guys for more than £500000. Get Traynor to buggery too........ Spend a Million quid and HIRE all of celtic Media department, they make players worth £11 million cause they pick up phone to the daily record not because Dembele and co are worth effin 11million quid !!!!! GET A REAL MANAGER, Get a real Investor in.....sell to Red Bull, Sell to Dallas Cowboys, sell to someone who has fkn business sense and money. Rangers men galore we need NAW!!!!!!!! We need Rangers men supporting the club, we need business men who know what the Fk there doing to RUN the Club. Sickened by the lot of them. Dunny pissed aff ranting bear
  9. Allan McGregor

    fk that judas badsa hate the fact his name is still associated with our club
  10. Another Good Bear Gone

    All the best to the family RIP
  11. Obviously this boy is no a fan or wouldnt say any that shite on football side of things let Real Madrid get him, cause with comments like that he ll no get move to Rangers anyway even when hes better than Ronaldo at 38 year old
  12. Union bears display

    think the UB should change there signmaker blabber mouth in there, got to admit they done us up like a kipper
  13. 1000 or so locked outside

    Had my boy wae me and was a fkn nmare, stuck outside as polis are idiots. They lined up everyone down street, then everyone started bombing up sides meaning everyone pushing to get in. Turnstiles operated with this pish ticket scanning, and barcodes are that wee that everyone was scanning there ticket 4/5 times to get it to work. Its a disgrace. Like a boy said, its time to get Rangers Stewards back at away games, that was working great.
  14. Herrera

    withthe baws were puttin in box, i would put hardie beside morelos. Herrara is more a centre forward than a striker his timing is all out when he jumps hope he comes good but not great attall in my eyes