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***** Official Livingston V Rangers Thread *****

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Reap what you sow McCall! Continuing with 4-4-2, continuing with McCulloch, continuing with Miller & Clark and not changing anything until 70 minutes. Not good enough for me.

Fuck man this boy Sinnamon must be some player.

I could tell you in less than 2 hours !

I love the man but McCall is to blame for this just like against QOTS last Thursday.

Fucking ditch 4-4-2 and the useless fat fuck Boyd.


Found he formation that accommodated everybody and got the best out of them against Hibs and hasn't even used it since <cr>

He's not doing himself any favours in terms of endearing himself to the fans as a more long term option.

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If you mix up shite, all you end up with is mixed up shite!

I also think SMcC has bottled it, McCulloch, Miller and Boyd should be nowhere near a Rangers jersey!

Playing safe and hoping for the best. Too scared to change much - and he gets exactly what we had - a team not capable or willing to play to its potential.

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Watching Robbie Crawford play on sunday at full back - and it worked he did well

it makes me wonder what he must be thinking to merit to be dropped

for a starter question and to see fat boy slim boyd getting an appearance in tonights game .

You dont change a winning team but stuart you did and it has cost two points lost

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Well each game like this - and we've now seen quite a few under McCall's leadership - probably makes the Board decision quite straightforward.

It's all down to a few play off games. I'm going to assume - on the consistent basis of the evidence before us all season long - that we won't win 2nd slot. So its a few play of games starting with 3rd vs 4th and so on. The season for the squad, the Manager and the Support boils down to these games. And they look like being a lottery. No idea what Rangers team will turn up at each game. The team that can score goals and concede none or the complete reverse. The team that has some fragile confidence or a team that bottles it for 90 mins. A lottery.

But sometimes the lottery can be won. So if by some as yet unforeseeable seismic shift in quality of performance we do actually manage to win a promotion slot then my guess is McCall will keep the job for next season.

But if they blow it then on the sheer evidence alone that McCall is not able to pick a team and motivate it and set it up to win away at grounds like QoS and Livi then he has no chance of being the Manager next season. Because first and foremost Rangers would need the sort of Manager that can get the job done of winning week in and week out home and away and of fighting a way out of this league. Fancy stuff like long term coaching development may yet have to take a firm back seat to the immediate priority which must be promotion. If they - the Board - pick the wrong person for Manager then Rangers men or not it will be failure on their watch.

Performances like QoS and Livi do nothing to encourage the retention of any player out of contract either. So no-one is doing themselves any favours right now. Not McCall nor the out of contract players, or the rest of the squad who could be moved on for a song too just to get the wage bill down. And then its rebuild time. Can this squad still win promotion this season? It sure does not look likely and time is running out for McCall to find a team that will deliver for him and for us.

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Just knew after about 10 mins we werent going to win today.

Hibs will hammer Livi.

1 point advantage isn't enough as we will need to go to Tyne castle needing a win now.

We will be QOTS in first play off game, and if we are lucky enough to get through, then hibs will fuck us out in next round. Even if we were to go through, I don't fancy our chances against Motherwell either

Pissed off.

Just want this nightmare to end

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