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Lazy bastards


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I'm not looking in here after this.

Dogshite to a man. Serious chance to lay a marker down and we've fucked it. 

Gerrards made a cunt of it with selection.

Aribo was fucking rotten , absolute shitebag today. 

Not too sure if I've seen anything as bad as Ojo. Cunts not made of the right stuff.

The whole lot of them today and that includes Gerrard have let us the fuck down. I haven't felt as low as this after a game in a fucking long time.

Off to get pished.


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Set up to lose comment above has hit the nail on the head

Arfield still playing despite the fact he’s no been able to move or take a half decent touch for 4 weeks and still being on for the full 90.

Our best striker not coming on until we’re chasing the game and Ojo on before Jones just madness

The fact we’re still letting Goldson fanny about at the back with the ball as well, he’s needing told to play the first available pass and stop dwelling 



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3 minutes ago, TMB said:

I thought Gerrard got it wrong TBH.  Took a winning side and changed it too much.  Ojo or Jones should've started like they always do.  We should've had one natural wide player on the pitch.  No service to the front men at all.

I would think more of him ,if he owned up to his complete fuck up 

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1 minute ago, theiconicman said:

We got nothing from the game. Every second ball went to celtic. Every tackle went to celtic. Thought the referee was poor but we struggled to get any rhythm going. 

The ref was incredibly ,but deliberately week .He let them do whatever hey wanted 

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2 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

Lazy bastards? Aye ok. We won most tackles today. We lost because of one mistake and poor passing. Lazy bastards my arse!

Second to most balls, and most players happy to try and wait for something to happen rather than grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck and taking it too the taigs.

The old firm at ibrox in December last year is exactly what we had to do, get right up into their face and pressure them from the get go.

if arfield was in a drop ball against brown this game he’d shite out it. 

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