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Morelos is our best striker since...

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I used to argue Jelavic was better than him but this season I don't think I feel that way anymore. His form just now is incredible 

I'll use this thread as an excuse to post this pic again just because....  

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I was too young to remember McCoist as a player, seen Mols, Prso, Boyd, Miller and Jelavic all in the flesh but Alfredo is a level above all of them now in my opinion. 

You need to remember the boy's only 23,it's actually quite frightening when you think how good is he going to be in 5 years time when he's in his prime. 

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Purely on ability and potential I'd say Morelos is better than Jelavic however he did lead us to winning trophies which we would not have won without him in my opinion.

If Morelos helps us to silverware this season then I'd say he's our best striker since Prso.

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Mols and Prso did it at the top table, CL and/or international. Morelos needs to do that before he can be seen as that level, brilliant as he is. 

Prso and Mols were technically better players and I still think both were better all round players as things stand. Morelos can get there though. We saw Prso and Mols at their mature peak.

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