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Club statement | Resolution not deemed competent


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3 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

Agreed there won't be a better time to go after them. 

They are trying to railroad this through and clubs surely can see the corruption now. 

A vote of no confidence and a clear out is needed. 

Imagine it mate!! 

playing again in a league that isn’t fucking corrupt and with refs who don’t week in week out make “honest” mistakes against us!! 

I’m hoping that now king has stepped down, and i’d imagine can’t be punished in anyway, he’s the one pushing all this!! Tbh I don’t care who is but that’s just my thoughts!!


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For me it has to be concerning  that the future of Scottish  football  is in the hands of a group of individuals  which Barry Hearn  cast serious doubt over their  level of competency  to run the game.

Instead it chooses to pursue a course to appease the supporters of one club and their pursuit of a farcical,  tainted ten in a row even at the cost of Scottish  Football itself.

Absolutely disgraceful and verging on the moronic  IMO 

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