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1 minute ago, King Jela said:

Can anybody really blame the board for no sacking him? He's been backed more than MON was, he should be in the hot seat until the league is fucked. Hope to fuck he is :lol:

He's the fall guy, they know if they sack him and nothing changes then the board will be next to be smoked out the peado dome. 

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18 minutes ago, J-Maestro said:

I don't think it's that they're not playing for Lennon. I think most of their star players have been promised moves then stopped at every opportunity. Dembele and Boyata spoke about it before.

It's a combination of things that makes me think a new manager will struggle. 

Lennon already confirmed after the champions league exit players wanted out. That's only going to increase after their scumbag support actions tonight. I doubt many will be busting a gut to please a support that turned rapidly on them, even if a new manager came in. 

The pressure of this season hasn't let up either. A new manager will be expected to hit the ground running, they won't get a settle in period. As any more dropped points will be fatal in the league. 

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1 minute ago, The Godfather said:

Lose the first cup game in 4 years and the helicopters and riot police are out 


Been presented with all sorts of video evidence which proves their disabledism, absolutely showing themselves up for what I was brought up to believe, mongos to a man/woman. 

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32 minutes ago, J-Maestro said:

They won't have him go before the end of the group stage. They won't want a new manager coming in and getting pumped of Lille and Milan back to back.

I'm thinking along these lines too, They've got a week to line someone up to replace TLB. They will get scudded in the San Siro in all likelihood on Thursday so that dead rubber gives them a little breathing space.  So I would expect they may make the announcement soon after that. I sadly expect someone new at the helm of the piggery by next weekend. However I do think they will have a real struggle to find anyone daft enough to take the job under these circumstances. Happy days!!:lol:

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