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You need to have honour in order to give honour.

They won't give us one nor do I want them to Fuck them 

Scottish Football threw all honour and respect and integrity out the window a long time ago. Remember all the "sporting integrity" nonsense? Remember when we drew motherwell in the cup and their

no chance, if lego muncher plays, well worthy of a score on brown sending off/ Rangers victory, this surely will be his last chance even though hes been finished for seasons, if they give him another playing contract i will run down the falls road backwards in ma Rangers tap

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Guard of Honour

1. is equivalent to - integrity, principles, morality, honesty, goodness, fairness, decency, righteousness, probity, rectitude, trustworthiness, uprightness.
integrity is not equal to - degradation, dishonesty, dishonour, meanness, insincerity, lowness, unscrupulousness... ask Legia Warsaw or FC Sion.
2. is equivalent to - prestige, credit, reputation, glory, fame, distinction, esteem, dignity, elevation, eminence, renown, repute, high standing 
prestige is not equal to - shame, disgrace, disrepute, disrespect, dishonour, infamy... ask the victims of the child sexual abuse by employees of this club.
3. is equivalent to - acclaim, regard, respect, praise, recognition, compliments, homage, accolades, reverence, deference, adoration, commendation, veneration.
acclaim is not equal to - contempt, condemnation, scorn, disfavour... check out the behaviour of the club and their fans leading to our expulsion to the lower leagues ten years ago.
1. is equivalent to - respect, value, esteem, prize, appreciate, admire, worship, adore, revere, glorify, reverence, exalt, venerate.
respect is not equal to - slight, insult, offend, scorn, degrade, dishonour, defame... there will be no scarves offered by the baying mob to their players to hang from the goalposts this time.

1. bearing, conduct, or manner indicative of self-respect, formality, or gravity.
2. nobility or elevation of character; worthiness.
3. elevated rank, office, station, etc.
4. relative standing; rank.
5. a sign or token of respect:

We shall maintain ours until our utter ruthfulness is displayed by scoring goal number eight. Then it's every man for himself!

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Its become a meaningless gesture now after all the debate over it, its not a guard of honour if you feel like you have to do it

They have no honour they're scum, therefore I don't want one from them

And hopefully this won't be an issue for a while, but i don't want us to give any other club one either 

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No, don’t want anything to do with the rancid fuckers.

Turn up on the 21st March and play like the Champions we are, a game similar to the fixture in October would be perfect.

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4 hours ago, Willis said:

Scottish Football threw all honour and respect and integrity out the window a long time ago.

Remember all the "sporting integrity" nonsense? Remember when we drew motherwell in the cup and their players played on and on while one of ours was lying inured? That's one of the things that will forever stick with me. 

The disrespect and vitriol that our Club has been shown, when at times (including now, and even at times when we were in the lower leagues) where we have been the main and only big attraction in Scottish football, the way we are and have been treated is unfathomable to football and sports fans from other countries.

Plenty of big clubs are hated,  but there is not a club that has faced the hatred and adversity that we've faced and then came back as strong as we have, especially without any support from the outside.

Yesterday marked down in history one of the greatest and most incredible feats in football history. And the honour belongs to us and the world knows it. And I personally feel no guilt by spitting back at any of these cunts who spat on us and now want to pat us on the back, fuck their guard of honour or any flase gesture of honour that Scotland wants to hand us


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