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AGM - Tues 5 December, 10.30am


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Just now, RFC55 said:

Genuinely mate, the club have told us fuck all. Only found out it’s me there the now.

they haven’t communicated well at all with those who are going to be effected 

Yeah it’s pish, i have friends in the SJF and if they displace their 3 seats to something like that then they will patch it, 65 yo don’t want to be sitting in the front row ffs.

The disabled facilities have been an ongoing embarrassment to the club but they can’t sledgehammer a solution by shafting other fans.

Think it through and do it properly and fairly.

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1 minute ago, esquire8 said:

Pre-AGM "can't wait for the board to be asked the tough questions"

During AGM "ffs"

Every. Single. Year.

You love it, you’re sitting with a hard on hearing the standard of question

The fans being moved must have near made you blow your load 

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