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  1. Here are some photos of a couple of Erskine Veterans enjoying a recent Stadium Tour. This was actually nothing to do with us. Another friend of Erskine won the tour passes in a recent raffle and donated them to Erskine. I thought I'd share them with you anyway, since it's always great to see Veterans enjoying a tour of Ibrox. Don't worry, we'll be organising another of our famous Stadium Tour & Argyle Restaurant Lunches for our Veterans as soon as we get past the worst of the Winter Weather.
  2. Sorry, I was all set to make my Season Membership donation, but then I saw this... and I figured I should probably fire a couple of quid in that direction first. The Veterans are a patient lot. I'll square them up next. Then we can start our efforts for the Christmas Fundraiser. Did I mention we've got a new Bank account, so you'll need to PM @Zetland for the details if you want to donate via Bank Transfer. It's still the same PayPal though, so if anyone wants to donate to the Veterans' Christmas Party Fundraiser via PayPal, you can do that whenever you're ready.
  3. If even you two are agreeing, then it must be so. I'm expecting an email from Erskine tomorrow. We'll have an update after that.
  4. As a special treat for Black Friday, we're not starting the fundraiser until next week! That will give us a couple of days to chase up those few remaining Members who are on the Pledged List, but haven't got round to donating yet - like that lazy @govanblue for starters!
  5. As you know, we have a tradition of sending a cheque to each of our 3 Erskine Homes, for them to use for additional treats for their Christmas festivities. Here's some of what they did in Christmas past: This year, we also have Broxi Bravehound to think of, so we may need to raise a little bit more, just to be safe.
  6. Does anybody else feel that a Christmas Fundraiser is in order?
  7. We're doing okay for funds at the moment, and contrary to what outsiders looking in might think, The Fund is not here to just take all your money off you all the time. Only when we need it. And anyway, before Christmas, we have Remembrance Day to deal with. Below is a list of everything we have planned for Remembrance Day... Absolutely hee-haw. Traditionally we don't do anything at all in the lead up to Remembrance Day, because that is the time when everyone else is thinking about it. So we sit back and let them get on with it, Then on November 12th, when everyone has forgotten again, we can resume our remembering. And then we can start thinking about what to get our Veterans (and Broxi Bravehound) for Christmas.
  8. I've been a bit busy with other things, so not had much chance to update. Not a huge amount to update anyway - most things are already sorted and just happen automatically. A few of the pledged members listed above have now paid, but I've not updated @Zetland yet, so don't worry if you'v e donated in the last week or so and not had it confirmed yet. I'll get around to it. And if you've not donated yet, and aren't back from your holidays etc, no problem, just send @Zetland a PM and she'll keep you on hold. Thanks to the Fund and its Members, Our Veterans have been attending all our recent home games (and Legends game) in numbers, and have been (mostly) enjoying the games greatly. And this week, we've renewed our annual Rangers Lotto subscription of 11 entries per week for the next 40 weeks. We had already paid the previous 11 weeks of the current Rangers Lotto year, so this is us just paying the rest off in advance. £1 per entry, 11 entries, 40 weeks = £440 That's us good with the Lotto till around mid-July next year. Fingers crossed we get some wins now. Our last £1000 win seems like a distant memory now. oh, and we sent a £100 cheque to Bravehound to support their Golden Retriever Day. It's getting close to Christmas. We'll probably need to turn our attention soon to our traditional support of the Erskine Veterans' Christmas Parties.
  9. Pledged List: 17 Members @Andy Little's Boots @A.T.G @bikerblue @Burts91 @DaleFo8 @govanblue @IpswichGer @Lets go 55 @mearns loyal @Negri's lovechild @oldskoolblue @ronniescu @Rn510 @saltire266 @SuperTav @The Judderman @VentyFour How we all doing?
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