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  1. You can support Alex by donating to his Virgin Money Giving Page You can support Alex by donating to his Virgin Money Giving Page
  2. Message from Erskine Park: btw - the presents under the tree are from Nith Valley RSC and Rangers Supporters Erskine Association The animals around the tree are from last year's RM Erskine Fund Christmas Fundraiser. The tree is from the RM Erskine Fund Christmas Fundraiser 2017 and the Santa Suit (above) is from the RM Erskine Fund Christmas Fundraiser 2016! Nothing beats a Traditional Family Christmas.
  3. Just a wee update on our Erskine Christmas Fundraiser: Over Christmas, we raised a total of £2297.54 from 79 Members. And here's the breakdown on our spending over the same period: £300 - Bravehound Christmas Cheque £300 - Erskine Bishopton Christmas Cheque £300 - Erskine Park Christmas Cheque £300 - Erskine Glasgow Christmas Cheque £40 - Union Jackpots - 13/12 £40 - Union Jackpots - 27/12 £96 - Rangers v Stranraer tickets Which leaves us just about enough to cover the upcoming Braga tickets. And then, hopefully, we're gonna need some more money!
  4. the party's just warming up. Next up - Stranraer in the cup!! And received. Good to see you back onshore - but really - what chance was there of me answering my phone at 9am on a Sunday???
  5. or we could leave it as it is, not waste any money on dodgy builds and dodgy contracts, raise existing ticket prices by 10% and be financially better off. just saying like.
  6. Erskine have emailed me some pictures of their Christmas party, but due to 'technical issues' it will be a couple of days before I get them uploaded for you all.
  7. Great idea. That way when we reach any special numbers, we can shout about it.
  8. Yes, we'd be delighted to accept your application to join the RangersMedia Erskine Fund. PM @Zetland for details.
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