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  1. PM Sent. @Zetland Me too. I'm sure you donated just recently too - I guess that one must've been late. Top Tip: - keep back 50% of what you're planning to donate, so that you're not caught short when we start the mid-season fundraiser next month!!! Minimum £10. There is no maximum If it's the account ending 72, then yes. reference: Brackley PM me afterwards. Yeah Yeah. @Zetland will keep you right. There's just no stopping you!
  2. And if your name's not on THAT list, and it's not on THIS list... Then that means you're not an RM Erskine Fund Member for Season 2018/19, and you don't even have the benefit of the doubt of being a Former-Member. You really should sort that out you know. I mean REALLY.
  3. And with two weeks to go till our next Home Game, I don't really know what to do with myself. I guess I'll have to just focus on building up the Squad. The time has just rushed past, and we're fast approaching the November Mid-Season Fundraiser - you know? the one that pays for Erskine's Christmas parties. And normally I would ask all existing Members to consider making another small donation. But when I look at this season's membership list, I see that there are only around 80 names on it. Which is significantly lower than the 220 or so who donated last season. When I look through the list, many of the names that jump out are of Long-standing Members who I know I can rely on. So I'm guessing they've just not got around to donating yet for one reason or another. So before I start the Mid-Season Fundraiser, I'm going to do a shout-out to all of Last Season's Members, who haven't renewed their membership this season. @10pshortof17pound @1bluebaba @40delboy40 @AdmiralBlue @AGC123 @AlCapone @A.T.G @Bad Robot @better than all the rest @BILLYBOY50 @Billythebear77 @Blue72 @BluebearDory @BlueboyG @BLUEDIGNITY @bluegecko @BLUEDIGNITY @Bluekev @bluenose1975 @Blue Nosed Babe @Blueofblood @Bluepeter9 @Blue Sheep @born a blue nose@born a blue nose @Brackley @broomloanjamie @bump @Cadman @Caldoboydo @calio @Cameltoe @CoopsLaud @cruixranger @cstamomusa @dande101 @Dan Deacon @Darth Bear @Dave29 @Deadmansshoe @deco19761 @DexterMorgan @Docspawn @Domthenbud @DW1872 @eosmhdo @fermblue @Finny @FlippinEck @folkestoneger @ForeverAndEver @FoxintheBox @FSM @G13 @Hamie @hammer93 @hammer time @heathen fish boy @HenleyBear @HG5 @Hoody @Hutchy WATP @IbroxBurnzy @Jakes Pal @j1mgg @JC10 @jintybear @JohnH @Johnny Dangerously @Jonok @Junior Soprano @JWAC @Kai_Johansen @Kirkintillochbear @lanarkshire_bear @LaudrupsPatrickBoots @LiviGer @LochendBilly @LSgers @macmac @mearns loyal @MFJ14 @mgartley82 @murzo @mus @Muz333 @my shepherds @McEwan's Lager @NavyBear @newlanarkboy @NornIronBear @OceanRain @oldbear @oldskoolblue @onefootwillie @Orange Persson @Perth_Campsie_Ger @plumbGER @Prytz's Perm @ps95v7 @Pure_Quality @Quiet Jim @RangersScotty9 @ranter @rblair92 @RFCRobertson @RJMcGregor @Rmc54 @Rosebery1872 @scott12003 @SJFC 2004 @sRcFoCt @SteveEarle @SuperTav @Taipan @TaysideBear @thebluedoo @TheCutch @TheMurray83@thetruthisootthere @theweebluenose @Thewhitesettler @thistleman @toad @Twadugs @Wee Bud @westieblue @William McBeath @wullho @WWTC Hello Former Fund Members. We miss you!!!! Please support the RM Erskine Fund again this season.
  4. Many thanks to @LOL153 No Surrender!!! who donated a spare RSEA Erskine Badge to @pcbear who donated the cost to the RM Erskine Fund.
  5. govanblue

    Bluenoses are born not manufactured

    your version gets 96 google hits. swapped, it gets 6. Make of that what you will.
  6. govanblue


    Amazingly, it looks like you've missed this...
  7. Ah good. Zet's back. I can go hibernate for another week.
  8. govanblue

    Edmiston Drive

    why not just call it 150 Edmiston Drive ?
  9. govanblue


    He has got a point though - I leave early every game.
  10. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    As easy as that!
  11. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    No, we won't be, except maybe in the context of "the many other Rangers Fan groups who do so much for Erskine." And rightly so - it's their gig. While we are BIG Supporters of RSEA and everything they do, we've not actually ever donated a single penny to them, so they don't owe us a single thanks! And in terms of recognition: The RSEA is a proper charity who have an obligation to promote themselves in order to raise awareness and raise funds in the world-wide Rangers community. We are self-contained and don't (and in fact won't) ever seek publicity or donations from outside the Bears' Den. So since we don't need recognition, we don't seek it. So don't be surprised if nobody seems to publicly recognise our efforts - it's usually because I've asked them not to! govanblue receiving an exclusive Erskine 100 medal on Behalf of the RM Erskine Fund Members - months before Rangers FC got theirs!!!...
  12. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    That's a good idea. He's living in Kilmarnock right now, so not that far away.
  13. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Broxi out doing some Ceremonial Duties... It turns out Hewlett Packard support Rangers too.
  14. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Hi. I'm Broxi. I'm sad because those mean Bears haven't given me any pocket money this week.