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  1. Win lose or draw tomorrow, we still need to raise about £3,000 before 15th May if we want to renew our Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets for next season. So don't blow all your dosh tomorrow night, you'll need at least £10 to renew your RM Erskine Fund Membership for season 2017/18. Thread coming soon.
  2. Hi mate, so as I understand it, you're the aforementioned Guide? If so, welcome to the site. (If not, welcome to the site still. ) I'm known around here for being a bit of a guide too. Here's my first tip... Check the date of a thread before you reply to it. History is all well and good in the trophy room, but it's confusing as hell in the Bear's Den current threads page when we start replying to two year old posts from people who are probably all dead now anyway!
  3. RSCs Supporting Wee Josh Bishopton Loyal RSC Blackpool True Blues Blantyre RSC Eddlewood Loyal Kirkintilloch RSC Isle of Man RSC Lanzarote Loyal RSC Lodge Kilsyth No. 29 Lothian True Blues Monifieth Loyal RSC Newtownards & District RSC RangersMedia Erskine Fund Tannochside RSC The Louden Tavern William McAdam Loyal RSC Have I missed anyone?
  4. You're quite right of course!
  5. Apparently if we retweet this 30,000 times to the mhanks twitter, we don't need to do the guard of honour. Get tweeting folks! #dropyourguard
  6. Many thanks to: @dan_ger @folkestoneger @Sparkle @Sparkle's poor husband @TheBEST-Simples @wullho for sorting out the troops.
  7. Brilliant! Dreadful news for you right enough!
  8. We're very nearly there. But as things stand, not every Combat Stress Veteran who wants to go to the game has a ticket. So unless anyone else has a spare seat to donate, it looks like some guys will be spending Saturday on slightly comfier seats...
  9. We only need 2 now. Mind, these Veterans are physically capable. So any part of the stadium, including Club Deck, is suitable.
  10. So I'm guessing there should be a few thousand season tickets going spare for Saturday's game? We only need 4!
  11. or am I being too harsh?
  12. That one doesn't count - it was a raffle entry!! Once they do a whipround, they can enter our Hall of Fame.
  13. The winners were: 1st prize: @CytMojo 2nd prize: @connorrfc 3rd Prize: @johntee57 I wonder if number 3 is in any way related to our very own @johntee ? Let's hope so.