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  1. which would explain the recent team performances! Stop buying Rangers Lotto everyone!
  2. This is what a winner's cheque looks like btw...
  3. So what with the bad weather at the weekend, Erskine weren't able to use the extra seats our members donated for them. So instead, I gave them to the Erskine Bishopton Transport Deputy Manager, with instructions to sell them at £20 each, which he duly did. He also did that with 2 spare tickets at the Dunfermline game. So that's £140 raised from the sale of those tickets. (Plus there's also £100 that they raised for us, flogging some of our official kit.) I've told Erskine Bishopton that all the money they raise for us from those ticket sales will be ringfenced, and the Erskine Bishopton Bears can decide themselves what to spend it on. So in the meantime, (for as long as the stadium is busy at least) - any spare tickets we have, we'll let Erskine try to flog them. It's worth noting incidentally, that the Erskine Deputy Transport Manager offered to do this, because he is always keen to raise money for the Residents Recreational needs - even on his day off! And many thanks once again to @bluegecko @King's Troop @SW3 @WILLIAM BEAR who donated the seats in the first place.
  4. With pleasure! @Zetland will add you to the list, and we'll give you a nudge if we don't hear from you at the end of the month.
  5. At least give him a chance to redeem himself first. @seb1972 - You should consider joining the RangersMedia Erskine Fund. the-official-201718-season-pre-season-training-starts-here/ It's full of good cunts, many of whom often fuck up their posts too.
  6. you can buy your Rising Stars online before the game if you prefer...
  7. No, I've changed my mind now. Can you sign him up please?
  8. No you won't mate. I'm the Lotto Agent round these parts.
  9. .
  10. Any opportunity to rub your nose in it...
  11. Some info here...
  12. There may have been more, but my memory's not what it was. But either way, in terms of making individual Veteran's wishes happen, I think we've got not a bad track record, of which we can be very proud. Let's keep it up!
  13. And somebody asked for some sweets... So we got them these... (that was for one of the Homes. The other two got the same) Plus 3 of these... Plus several Fish & Chip Runs... Some of which have been positively life-changing... Before... After... and Ibrox Lunches / Stadium Tours (I've lost count how many)...
  14. And the one with the horses... Lunch in Palomino’s Restaurant, Ingliston Country Club for Erskine Bishopton Residents