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  1. @BrotherTJ @East Enclosure Row N @Bad Robot @Zetland @mearns loyal @bornabear @NamibianBear @Dan Deacon @sprintervanman @cooper007 @DaleFo8 @Redwhiteandblue @SpidermansGaffer @ianb1547 @govanblue Hi folks, Please PM (Private Message!) me and give me a delivery name & address for your pack of cards. Payment will be £5 including UK postage. Hope that's okay? @mearns loyal - £9 for 2 packs @NamibianBear - postage will be the usual £200 and will take the usual 6 months before being nicked by the postman. If you already have the RM Erskine Fund's paypal email address or our bank account number, then feel free to make your payment now, and put your RM username as the reference. Failing that, I'll PM you at the weekend if I haven't heard from you.
  2. That's 15 packs by my count. Anyone else fancy a pack? £5 including UK postage.
  3. about 100 kids' shirts that we never got round to sending to Namibia!
  4. No Rangers Mug is complete without a matching set of playing cards...
  5. Now back to these super duper playing cards. We've got quite a few packs to shift, so let's be having you!
  6. I was on the phone to Erskine today. Once they send me their shopping list, I'll have some updates.
  7. Much appreciated. There will be a new thread along in a few days.
  8. That may be a matter for another thread.
  9. Not sure how much yet. Need to work out what's fair, while still making some profit for Erskine. Need to work out the postage cost too. Not more than a fiver all in I would guess.
  10. These cards are standard size, so I doubt they will fit in an email, but I'll give it a try.
  11. I've messed the photos up. I'll sort them tomorrow.
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