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  1. Well done @Darth Bear - and Many Thanks to All the Good Bears who supported you. For anyone who's missed it, this is your last chance to make a difference this season. We're just a few quid short of our ambitious target of £600, to be matched by DHL, giving us £1200 for Erskine. So if you haven't donated to either this specific fundraiser, or to the End Of Season Fundraiser a few weeks ago, then what are you waiting for? Chuck in a couple of quid, and you'll keep me quiet till next season!
  2. govanblue

    The Old Lady - FF

    Donation to the Fund, or I'm passing your details to Erskine! In fact, I can think of someone else who may not be that amused.
  3. govanblue

    The Old Lady - FF

    Not sick, just missing out on the good stuff.
  4. govanblue

    The Old Lady - FF

    That's no good. What we need is a definitive list of all the things we can't call it.
  5. Do you really think I'm counting your bids?
  6. We'll revive this thread once we're done with the other one.
  7. govanblue

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    G51 2XD Just pop that in to your satnav. You sound like someone who needs a support network... I believe those fellas know a thing or two about bricks.
  8. govanblue

    seating plan

    What he said. Now give us a donation...
  9. govanblue


    Tonight's topic: How can we raise more money for the RangersMedia Erskine Fund? A 2 hour special.
  10. I knew it!! And then I have to auction them all over again? Have you no mercy???