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  1. @4ladshadadream @40delboy40 @72barca @ab4113 @Ace @AGC123 @Andy Little's Boots @archangel gabriel amato @As I Was Walking.... @Aubie92 @Bad Robot @BallochBear @bbloyal @Big Al II @Bigdave30 @BILLYBOY50 @BluebearDory @BLUEDIGNITY @Bluekev @Blue Rino @Brackley @BridgeIsBlue @BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT @Burnbank Derry @Callum Doon @Carling1873 @CoopsLaud @Cracked Actor @Crispy Bear @Dan Deacon @D'Artagnan @dougie76 @EKCO @G13 @Goggs @govanblue @govansw1 @graeme_4 @gsa @HairyBeary @hammer93 @hammer time @HG5 @Hoody @its_an_extender @Jakes Pal @JC10 @jintybear @johntee @Jonok @King's Troop @Kirkintillochbear @LaudrupsPatrickBoots @limeburner @LOL153 No Surrender!!! @LSgers @macmac @Malvern @mikekeith @MrMckee @Muz333 @mus @my shepherds @nine4eight @NornIronBear @Oaktreeloyal @offshoreworker @oldbear @oldskoolblue @only14me @OnwardsandUpwards @pcbear @plumbGER @Prince George @ps95v7 @Pure_Quality @ranter @RFC Eagle @ricksen_da_best @ronniescu @sandyinroyalblue @scottyscott1963 @Siam69 @SJFC 2004 @Sparkle @SteveEarle @SuperTav @Sweetheart @Taipan @TEFTONG @The Beast @thebluedoo @The Ghost @Thewhitesettler @Twadugs @unclebuzzy @VERITAS VOS LIBREBETS @Wee Bud @weeneily @Wullies_bowly_legs Greetings Fellow Fund Members, Just a last reminder that the RM Erskine Fund is currently accepting End-of-Season "Top-up" Donations from existing Members. If you would like to make a small donation to help us bolster the coffers, Ready for the coming season, then please feel free to make a donation via the usual payment methods. Or PM @Zetland @Bears r us or @govanblue if you need help with any of that. Our coffers will need a good bolstering, because before we know it, we’ll be up to our knees in Friendlies and Europa Qualifiers, and with 12 Veterans’ Season Tickets all signed up on the CCCS scheme, that’s going to cost us a few quid. Remember that the End of Season Fundraiser is a top-up fundraiser, not the main event. So we’re not looking for a massive donation from you, just a few quid is fine, or whatever you feel like giving. And it’s also completely optional – you’ve already done what was asked of you by donating to The Fund in the first place, so if you want to sit this one out, feel free. If you’re not already an existing Fund Member, and would like to become one, just add a post here, or PM @Zetland or myself and we’ll add you to the Pledged List. We’re not looking for any money from you just yet - we’ll be starting the Season 2019/20 Membership Fundraiser towards the end of July, and we’ll give you a shout then for your donation. And for the 64 Members who have already donated to this End of Season Fundraiser – many thanks! Please don't donate again just yet – we’ll See you in the New Season Already Donated to the End of Season Fundraiser: 10pshortof17pound 35 Yard Dangerman backup Bears r us Bertent billscott BlearyEyedBear BlueAvenger Blue Avenger blueballss Blueray Bobby Hume bordersbear bornabear broxieman cbagan92 cooper007 Corky True Legend Courtyard Bear Craiggybear cruixranger DiamondBear Domthenbud don logan Falcoholic fermblue Finny FoxintheBox gmcf Grundy Heshootshescores ianb1547 Inigo Inspector Sams jamess Junior Soprano KazzyTI kellac LewdBear72 Lovenkrands72 McEwan’s Lager mjg224 onefootwillie OnslowDriver Quiet Jim Rangers#1 Scottywellhousetb SeparateEntityMyArse Skipper32 sprintervanman STEPBOY99 stevieblueblood Stoorie SW3 Sweettartangirl terry739 TheQueensEleven thistleman Travelrug WILLIAM BEAR wotmeworry Young Bob Zetland ZZed
  2. Since you're obviously doing so well these days, I'll be looking for you in the next few days for your RM Erskine Fund End of Season Fundraiser. Alternatively, you can just pick up by PM with @Zetland and do it the less painful way. I'll need to have a skim through this thread at some point too and pick up with any standout posters on here who in all the excitement may have forgotten to make their own End of Season Donation - or even worse - not signed up to The Fund at all!!!
  3. Rangers Provide Scotland Support With More Fans Than c*lt*c, Aberdeen and Hearts Rangers Provide Scotland Support With More Fans Than c*lt*c, Aberdeen or Hearts I'd say that the word AND in the title clearly means combined, as defined by my understanding of normal English usage. (eg: Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!) To indicate that our support is more than any other individual club's support, I'd say the correct word to be used is OR, not AND. The question is, have they used AND out of ignorance, laziness or malice? Not that I care, but I felt I had to stick up for @bouncy's interpretation because he illustrated it so well!
  4. Delighted to hear that mate, and delighted to welcome you aboard the RM Erskine Fund. The way it works is that you make a donation of minimum £10 at the beginning of the season, and that pays for your "season membership" I then have a habit of asking for an additional (smaller and optional) bonus donation halfway through the season, to top up our reserves, and then the same again at the end of the season, to make sure we have enough in the bank to pay for next season's Erskine season tickets. You've caught us in the middle of our End of Season Fundraiser, so now is NOT a good time for a new Member to donate, because we will be asking for the new season's membership fees again in about a month. The same goes for @BridgeIsBlue and @Burts91 So @Zetland will add you three to our "Pledged List" and we will PM you next month when we launch the new season's fundraiser, and you can make your donation then. How does that sound?
  5. Don't think I missed the irony of you pulling me up for trolling!
  6. Now that's what I'm talking about, BiB ! Your Dad should be Very Proud of you.
  7. I'm sure he is. As I've said before, my issue is with people who just turn up here determined to push their agenda, while showing no interest in the community whose support they're seeking. Luckily I too have an agenda I can push back with, so they too can get a feel for how annoying it is.
  8. Just for the avoidance of doubt, I'm not really asking for paedophiles to be protected as such - I'm really just asking for a tenner from @Lets go 55
  9. I was going to launch the "Final Final End of Season Fundraiser" last night - but I got distracted. It'll have to wait till the weekend now. (don't worry CB - you've already donated to it! )
  10. In general, I'd tend to agree with all of that, but not always in particular.
  11. Right, that's me just off the phone to my insurance company and after a lot off stress and hassle, they've reinstated my car insurance, so I can go to work today after all. And @SonOfLuther has deleted that upsetting image from the other thread. So all that in mind, the world is a better place again, and so I'm happy to leave you all to your own devices again. Mind, it would be an even better place if cunts in here would make a donation to support our noble efforts before asking for our support in theirs. Yes, I know most of you do already, but isn't it annoying when cunts don't?
  12. Is it too late for me to change my answer?
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