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  1. Bear Andrew Gray

    After all the years you've supported The Fund, you only need to ask. If The Fund can't help a fully-renewed Member help his family at a time like this, then what's the point? $50 donated from The RM Erskine Fund. (that's about £38) and $5 from @govanblue too. Hopefully a few more Bears will see this and chip in a few dollars more. And fingers crossed for a full recovery. He looks a strong lad.
  2. So those updates I promised will follow in a day or two. But in the meantime, I'm far too busy getting ready for the Erskine Military Ball. £100 a ticket - it was nice of them to invite us for free. Apparently it's because we're their favourite Bears I've actually got a spare ticket, if any Fund Member would like to come along? (it's in the Glasgow Hilton - no wig required)
  3. oh btw - A Massive THANK YOU to @Sparkle and @WILLIAM BEAR who could easily have sold their unused tickets for tomorrow for £50 a piece, but instead decided to support the RM Erskine Fund.
  4. Hi folks, sorry about the wee absence there. Been hiding from those Colombians. Those of you who have ordered, but not yet paid for or received your t-shirts, bear with me, I'll get back on it next week.
  5. And our Rising Stars for tomorrow are: 41151 - 41170 Cost: £40 And Hey! Where's the bloody text-size button gone? How am I supposed to work under these conditions????
  6. I've been avoiding doing the accounts for a few weeks, so I've still got a bit of catching up to do. Should raise another few quid tomorrow, selling these spare tickets I've got. Getting close to November now - I think I'll have to have a word with that pledged list soon. Got to get them all collected so we can start looking to the November Top-up Fundraiser. And we've got t-shirts to sell, bricks to sell, stadium tours and Argyle restaurants to organise, Rangers TV to get ordered up. And an auction to organise. (And in fact, I've still got loads of prizes still to deliver from our last raffle.) Oh, and did I mention, Funderella has been invited to the Erskine Ball . Oh, and we've got 2 seats in the directors box for the next sheep game. Not sure what to do with them yet. Plus loads more. And then maybe I'll get round to dealing with all the PMs from the last two weeks!
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Whoever created/edited this thread title better get it to fuck pronto.
  8. Also, if you remember, shortly after we received that anonymous donation, we also got an offer to pay for the Rothesay trip from @WILLIAM BEAR As you can imagine, it was heartbreaking for me, having to refuse the donation. But luckily WILLIAM BEAR told me to just take the money, and put it towards our next thing. Well our next thing will soon be upon us. The £150 he donated just happens to be exactly what we need for an Argyle Restaurant Lunch and a pint for 10 people. And Erskine Bishopton have been nipping my ear for ages asking when they can have another Stadium Tour, cos they've got loads of Veterans wanting to go. So I'll get on to our good friends at Rangers Charity Foundation, and hopefully they'll be able to sort us out with 10 free Stadium Tours. They usually do.
  9. Finally, here are the photos from that day out. Photo-wise, it's pretty poor, cos the weather kept them stuck in the bus all day, but they tell me that all the stuff going on outside the bus was great to watch. And as for the remaining £70.20, that has now been converted into fish... Many thanks once again to the Anonymous Bear who donated all the money for that trip. He or She is a True Blue Hero.
  10. Did ye get tenner bud?

  11. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    I guess since Bali is the best you can afford, you're all probably too skint to donate £10 to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund. Otherwise I'm sure if you had it you'd give it. I'd urge you to read this thread below and then donate, http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/306989-rangersmedia-erskine-fund- But I guess PayPal doesn't work in Bali, so what's the point?
  12. Yes I'm still here. Just been enjoying the International Break. I'll catch up with the updates some time soon, but for now, here are our Rising Stars for today: 31365 - 31384 Cost: £40
  13. Rangers win MOD award

    Special Forces Mate - we like to keep out of the limelight.
  14. The Skipper

    This should have been your first post... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/306989-rangersmedia-erskine-fund- the-official-201718-members-thread/ Or are you still a cunt?
  15. Not sure how I feel about this

    I'm so glad you PMed me to tell me you've now donated, cos I didn't have a fucking clue what you were on about!