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  1. @TASH - mind you've got the cup replay on Wednesday. Can you use an extra single seat in SW3 - the one on the aisle, row S?
  2. Greetings! You may have noticed that I've been out of the game for the last few months. Well I'm back in the game now. I've got a bit of catching up to do, and I notice that there are hundreds of new Forum Members who haven't signed up to the RM Erskine Fund. Let's sort that, shall we? If you haven't already donated to the Fund, then please do so. You can afford it, and your donation will be put to much better use than any other donation you may make elsewhere. If you're already a Fund Member, but haven't donated to our current (optional) Mid-Season Top-Up Fundraiser, then please consider doing so. Donating is easy - either via PayPal or Bank Transfer. PM me or @Zetland for the details. Now to the updates: My last proper update was in mid-October, so there's quite a bit to catch up on... Spending: Donations given: 19/10/18 - Donation to Broxi BRAVEHOUND - £300 27/10/18 - 3 x Salopettes for Erskine Veterans (to keep them warm at Ibrox) - £145 21/12/18 - Christmas Party donations to 3 Erskine Homes - £1100 28/01/19 - Donation to Broxi BRAVEHOUND - £200 Match tickets: 29/10/18 - Wheelchair & Companion ticket (Erskine): v Spartak - £18, League Cup Semi Final - £22, v Villareal - £18 =£58 04/01/19 - 10 tickets v Helsinki (Erskine &Combat Stress) - £32 Supporting Rangers Youth Development: 20 Rising Stars v Spartak - £40 20 Rising Stars v Kilmarnock - £40 20 Rising Stars v Motherwell - £40 20 Rising Stars v Livingston - £40 20 Rising Stars v Villareal - £40 20 Rising Stars v Aberdeen - £40 20 Rising Stars v Hibs - £40 20 Rising Stars v smellies - £40 20 Rising Stars v St Mirren - £40 =£360 Total spending October to January: £2195 Donations received: October: @graeme_4 @ricksen_da_best @pcbear @backup @Thewhitesettler @terry739 @Hoody @onefootwillie @AGC123 @10pshortof17pound @thebluedoo @hammer time @bordersbear @Sweettartangirl @ps95v7 @Burnbank Derry @Dan Deacon @my shepherds @Twadugs @Domthenbud @ZZed @LOL153 No Surrender!!! @SJFC 2004 @Brackley @Junior Soprano @Wee Bud @fermblue @LOL153 No Surrender!!! - again! @Finny @EKCO @G13 @SuperTav @Jonok @plumbGER @hammer93 @Taipan @Malvern @Crispy Bear @ronniescu @its_an_extender @HG5 @mus @macmac @BILLYBOY50 @Bluekev @Oaktreeloyal @40delboy40 @MrMckee @oldskoolblue @offshoreworker November: @LSgers @Kirkintillochbear @EKCO - again! @Junior Soprano - again! @Pure_Quality @oldbear @LaudrupsPatrickBoots @JC10 @BluebearDory @Oaktreeloyal - again! @Quiet Jim @ZZed @CoopsLaud @Oaktreeloyal - again! @Oaktreeloyal - again! @NornIronBear @Oaktreeloyal - again! December: @G13 @King's Troop @Corky True Legend @McEwan's Lager @Travelrug @Oaktreeloyal - again! @Zetland January: @Blue Avenger @gmcf @jamess @billscott @BallochBear @Junior Soprano - again! @The Ghost @macmac @RFC Eagle @Big Al II @bordersbear @ZZed @Oaktreeloyal - again! @Falcoholic @Rfc52 (you're my wife now!) @Bobby Hume @wotmeworry W Hershaw - PM me yor RM username! @MrMckee @Malvern @mikekeith @weeneily @jintybear @broxieman @Keeps01 February: @WILLIAM BEAR @EKCO - again! @fermblue @Courtyard Bear @govanblue (Yeah, I forgot!!!) Have I missed anyone? PM me if your name's not here. Total donated by Members, October to January: £2,577.46 And now, let us turn our attention back to the Mid-Season Fundraiser, which is currently in full swing...
  3. govanblue

    Rangers Academy Get £400,000 From RYDC

    Since December 2012, the RM Erskine Fund has supported RYDC in the following ways: Rangers Lotto - Each year, we prepay 10 weekly entries. That's £520 each year. So about £3000 in total Rising Stars. Each home game, we buy 10 Rising Stars. That's £20 per home game, approx 25 games per season = £500. In total, about £3000 again. Stadium Bricks - Our subsidised scheme for generating brick sales to members has resulted in over 150 bricks purchased. At £50 each that's over £7,500. (Incidentally, did you know that we have been the single biggest purchaser of stadium bricks at Ibrox in recent years.) Purchasing tickets for Erskine Veterans to attend RYDC Fundraising Events, and purchasing raffle tickets and football card entries for the Veterans at the events. (We won Erskine the Star Prize at the last event) Probably about £1000 in total. Buying RYDC T-shirts. Which reminds me - I think we've still got a box full of them sitting in the RYDC office. I told them I'd sort that back in October! I think we bought about 50, and paid £15 each for them, so there's another £750 there. And a few scratchcards here and there. So anyway. Two points from that: 1. Find me any other football forum that is consistently achieving anything like that. and 2. If you haven't donated to the RM Erskine Fund this season (or ever), then please do so today. Then we can do even more!
  4. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    Sadly, I wasn't able to get along to the BRAVEHOUND coffee morning today. Hopefully next time. But in the meantime, to make up for our collective bad parenting, I've sent £200 to BRAVEHOUND. This will hopefully go towards getting him some of the things he'll need on his impending mobilisation. Luckily for us, @Bears r us was able to pop along, and will no doubt be along shortly with an update and maybe some pics.
  5. maybe just a whimper to begin with.
  6. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    I totally missed these! Awesome. I feel we may need a calendar of our own!
  7. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    he's not hanging around - he's on guard duty.
  8. govanblue

    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug.

    translated: @govanblue - get yer finger oot yer a**e and organise that half-time appearance you promised us!
  9. govanblue

    The Queen's football club.

    govanblue MFI (Mid-season Fundraiser Imminent)
  10. govanblue

    Craig Gordon at minutes silence anyone see it

    not long now. tunnel should be complete in a few days.
  11. govanblue

    *** Lest We Forget

    Yes please! I think I've got your details already.
  12. govanblue

    *** Lest We Forget

    That will be much appreciated! If you need the payment details, @Zetland will sort you out.
  13. govanblue

    *** Lest We Forget

    big and clever in the one post. Well done you. Still no chance of getting a donation from you I suppose?
  14. govanblue

    *** Lest We Forget

    We don't forget. I don't have internet access at the moment, and haven't had for the last month or so, so I haven't been able to start the supposed November Mid-Season Fundraiser. So we'll postpone that until January. But just because I'm not taking money off you, doesn't mean our Veterans are being neglected. It is our annual tradition to wait until the last minute, and then send a bonus wad of cash to each of the three Homes, for them to spend on EXTRA Christmas celebrations. In years gone past this has enabled the homes to buy Christmas Trees, Santa Suits, new crockery, new Christmas Decorations, extra entertainment, and some quality food and drink treats. So for this year, I've just now transferred from the Fund account £500 to Erskine Bishopton, £300 to Erskine Park Home and £300 to Erskine Glasgow Home. As usual, I've asked them to let us know what they did with it. Now I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Jolly New Year, and I'll get that cash off you in January.
  15. I went to collect my new router from the Royal Mail depot today. Forgot to take the recorded delivery card with me! Looks like I'll be internetless till after Christmas.