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  1. Here, has anyone asked what happens to the staff in the Megastore - do we get them back?
  2. The problem with that shirt is that whatever profit we make on it, we ultimately give it all away to the opposition.
  3. it's all sold out mate. it'll be back soon, but expect the price to be higher
  4. You do know you're still sitting on the Pledged List, not the Donated list, don't you?
  5. Don't worry mate - it's nowhere near as painful as Zet makes it sound!
  6. I'd assume otherwise. I think people have jumped the gun. I'd expect a new contract to have an effective start date, not "from the time of signing" Of course if they'd paused to join the RM Erskine Fund first, then they might have seen this post before they sent all their money to Mr Ashley. Ach well, I guess I can't save everybody!
  7. Here's a thread that will occupy you till it arrives.
  8. That's you just done the hard bit mate! Our official enforcer, @Zetland will send you the details in a PM shortly. Now you can go shopping with gay abandon.
  9. No. Don't want it. I couldn't send any of our Veterans to Hampden with a clear conscience.
  10. Personally, I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Putting money in Fat Ashley's pocket before you've donated to the RM Erskine Fund??? Just so you know, the RangersMedia Erskine Fund generates more pence per pound profit for Rangers FC than the new Retail Deal does. Just think about that, won't you? Hope you feel good in your nice new green goalie kit. But you'd feel even better if your tenner bought a cup ticket for a 92 year old War Hero - And it would do more good for the Club too! Oh except the following, who are all GOOD BEARS and can wear whatever they like! The Official Buy Fat Ashley Kit with a Totally Clear Conscience Admission List 10pshortof17pound AlCapone Andy Little's Boots As I Was Walking.... A.T.G Bad Robot BallochBear Bears r us better than all the rest Big Al ll Bil Bill8972 billscott Billythebear77 BlearyEyedBear BlueAvenger blueballss BluebearDory BlueboyG bluegecko bluenose1975 Blue Nosed Babe bluepeter blueretro Blue Rino Blue Sheep Bobby Hume bordersbear bornabear born a blue nose Brackley BridgelsBlue broxieman bump Cadman calio Cameltoe Carling1873 Corky True Legend Courtyard Bear Crispy Bear cruixranger cstamomusa dande101 Dan Deacon Dave29 deco19761 DexterMorgan Domthenbud dougie76 DW1872 Eaglesham Bear EKCO Falcoholic Finny folkestoneger ForeverAndEver FSM gazza27 geneva_ger gmcf Goggs gogzy govanblue govansw1 gsa hammer time Heshootshescores HG5 Hutchy WATP IbroxBurnzy Inigo jamess j1mgg jim white's a bear JohnH Johnny Dangerously johntee Jonok Kai_Johansen KazzyTl Keeps01 Kirkintillochbear Lloyd72 LOL153 No Surrender!!! LSgers macmac Malvern mearns loyal mikekeith murzo Muz333 my shepherds offshoreworker onefootwillie One Jock Wallace only14me OnslowDriver OnwardsandUpwards Orange Persson Perth_Campsie_Ger Prince George Prytz's Perm ps95v7 RangersRadio (c/o FoxintheBox) ranter RFC Eagle RFCRobertson Rmc54 Samuel no 1 sandyboyblue sandyinroyalblue scottyscott1963 Siam69 Sir_John_Greig (RangersRadio) SJFC 2004 Sparkle sprintervanman SteveEarle SuperTav Sweetheart SW3 Taipan TEFTONG thebluedoo thebooler The Ghost TheMurray83 Thewhitesettler thistleman toad Travelrug Twadugs VERITAS VOS LIBREBETS Waggy1872 Wee Bud weeneily westieblue William McBeath willygers4life wrongshapedballs Wullies_bowly_legs WWTC Young Bob Zetland ZZed
  11. I've received a confirmation email today confirming what I'm signed up for. Subject: Season Ticket Continuous Credit Card Scheme Membership So if you haven't received one, maybe worth checking.
  12. Hollybush House: Here's one of the three DVD players in position (bottom shelf)... And the bikes arrived today too...
  13. I haven't used the new site much, but it's not that much different from the old site. Hard to figure out initially, but once you figure it out, it's actually a very good site. You just need practice.
  14. They may already be in your basket, if they're on your friends and family
  15. I've told you all I know. Anything else would be guesswork. I would guess it would be the odd pair here and there, rather than hundreds, but it's just a guess.