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  1. We've always worked within those new rules anyway, even before they were rules. So as long as we continue to act responsibly, I'm sure the Ticket Office will continue to be as supportive as they've always been.
  2. Greetings Fellow Bears, Many of you will already be familiar with the RM Erskine Fund Season Ticket Scheme which has ensured many many Veterans have enjoyed many many Home Games over the last few seasons. Although we've downsized our activity of late, we have about half a dozen diehard Bluenose Veterans from Erskine, Bravehound and Combat Stress still on our books who are always mad keen to get a chance to see the Boys in Blue, and I would hate for them to miss out on any games just because I couldn't bothered starting a thread. Last week, Jimmy (Erskine/Bravehound/Combat Stress Veteran) enjoyed the Hibs game, and Tam (Bravehound/Combat Stress Veteran) enjoyed a European victory on Thursday. Sadly I don't have any pics to share, because they're both totally useless with technology!!! And just for the record, these two guys jump at any chance to go to Ibrox, including all the crappy lower league and diddy cup games over the last few years, not just the glamour ties!! So if you would like that to continue, then we desperately need your help. If you have a season ticket and you think you might not manage to get to any particular game over the next month or two, then please consider making your seat(s) available to us and we will pass it on to one of our Veterans Just PM me, and we can work it out very very easily. I'm sure everyone who has taken part in the scheme before will vouch for how effortless, secure and rewarding it is. So what are you waiting for? PM Me.
  3. Now that Pam's night is just around the corner, it's time to bring that thread back in to this main thread. @Bears r us will be offline for a few days, and I would really hate for him to come back and see that we'd neglected Broxi while he was away. That would not do. So to summarise: Pam's Fundraising night is at the end of the month. Anything you want to donate to Bravehound, we will present it to Pam on her Fundraising night along with what we've already raised for her (about £250 I think). PM me or @Zetland for donation instructions. Also, we're looking for a couple of spare seats for any upcoming home league game. If you happen to have 2 seats together, and expect to miss a game over the next couple of months, why not donate the seats to us for that game, and we can use them as a (highly sought-after) auction prize to help Pam raise even more for Bravehound.
  4. Greetings fellow Bears, Season 2019/20 is now upon us, and so we can commence our new Season RM Erskine Fund Membership Campaign. The only problem is that I haven't got around to opening that new bank account yet. So we won't be taking donations just yet, but we don't want to keep you hanging around, so if you plan on donating to the RM Erskine Fund this season, then please either make a post here, or send a Private Message to @Zetland @Bears r us or @govanblue As soon as we get the account sorted out, we'll let you know, but until then, just get your name on the list below, and then you can put your feet up and enjoy the new season.
  5. I haven't read the thread, so no idea what the letter is saying or what the ramifications are. What I do know is that Rangers Ticket Office have always been staunch supporters of the RangersMedia Erskine Fund whenever we've needed their support, and I would expect that to continue this season.
  6. And STG has already donated (twice) to this particular fundraiser!
  7. Don't you go apologising to that fanny. It's in the record, so just because it's not his blog (for a change!) doesn't mean we should welcome it with open arms. Never trust anything that 'dude' posts - it's always self-serving.
  8. no mate, he can't. He cares about the record more than he cares about The Rangers - isn't that obvious?
  9. A disgraceful poster promoting a disgraceful paper. As always, it's really all about @The Dude , never about The Rangers. I'm not sure if I've said before, but personally, I think he is an utter disgrace.
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