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  1. I've been a bit busy with other things, so not had much chance to update. Not a huge amount to update anyway - most things are already sorted and just happen automatically. A few of the pledged members listed above have now paid, but I've not updated @Zetland yet, so don't worry if you'v e donated in the last week or so and not had it confirmed yet. I'll get around to it. And if you've not donated yet, and aren't back from your holidays etc, no problem, just send @Zetland a PM and she'll keep you on hold. Thanks to the Fund and its Members, Our Veterans have been attending all our recent home games (and Legends game) in numbers, and have been (mostly) enjoying the games greatly. And this week, we've renewed our annual Rangers Lotto subscription of 11 entries per week for the next 40 weeks. We had already paid the previous 11 weeks of the current Rangers Lotto year, so this is us just paying the rest off in advance. £1 per entry, 11 entries, 40 weeks = £440 That's us good with the Lotto till around mid-July next year. Fingers crossed we get some wins now. Our last £1000 win seems like a distant memory now. oh, and we sent a £100 cheque to Bravehound to support their Golden Retriever Day. It's getting close to Christmas. We'll probably need to turn our attention soon to our traditional support of the Erskine Veterans' Christmas Parties.
  2. Pledged List: 17 Members @Andy Little's Boots @A.T.G @bikerblue @Burts91 @DaleFo8 @govanblue @IpswichGer @Lets go 55 @mearns loyal @Negri's lovechild @oldskoolblue @ronniescu @Rn510 @saltire266 @SuperTav @The Judderman @VentyFour How we all doing?
  3. I wasn't able to attend the Golden Retriever Day. So The Fund has sent a cheque for £100 to represent us instead. Hope that's okay.
  4. to be fair, some of our Veterans' memories (and eyesight) are not what they were. As long as Jim Baxter's definitely playing, they'll be over the moon!
  5. Broxi popped in to the BRAVEHOUND Centre the other day, to help out with some training. Here he is teaching Little Maggie that soap is our friend.
  6. Yes. Of course the RangersMedia Erskine Fund has purchased a dozen tickets to ensure our Veterans get to enjoy this game. What a stupid question.
  7. We will shortly be bringing the curtain down on this season's RM Erskine Fund Memberships/Fundraiser, so here's a reminder of why we bother. Looks like we'll end up with about 110 members this season, so the good work is set to continue - for now! Amazing to think how much we achieve with just the modest donations of those 110 members. Imagine what we could achieve with 111 members!
  8. Unfortunately I'm no help whatsoever for away games. Maybe a Fund Member seeing this may be able to help out? what do you mean by a "client"?
  9. I'm no help whatsoever for away games. Maybe a Fund Member seeing this may be able to help out? It might help also if you explain what a "client" is - and why should we care???
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