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  1. I'll catch up with PMs when I get the chance. If you've PMed me or posted a message here, then that's fine, your order is secured.
  2. Actually, it's not one of the Willies. It's the All-New Peter McCLoy Wall - which is between Argyle House and the Megastore.
  3. I forget the name of it. I think it's a Willie, but not sure which one. It's on the wall in between Argyle House and Bar 72. I forget where exactly. I'll get an update. But to be honest, what does it matter? It's on whatever wall it's on, and that's that!
  4. Sure. It's £24 for the DIY kit, but the bleach ands scissors cost extra.
  5. I hadn't forgotten. There was no urgency on my part because you and I have been together long enough that we both know that we always get there in the end.
  6. Rangers Charity sleep over

    Yes, but sadly the Fund Coordinator has not been on the ball at all lately. I hear he's trying to make up for it now though.
  7. As you know, here at RangersMedia Erskine Fund, we like to do things a little differently. So, in a move that is likely to send shock waves around the Rangers merchandise world, we are currently selling Official Rangers Products at loss-making prices. Even more unusually, we're not going to incur any "costs" in the process, so every penny we take in sales (sales mind, not profits!) will go directly to Rangers Youth Development Company. So grab yourself a Bluenosed Bargain now, and it'll be with you in plenty of time for Christmas! So what do we have on offer for you this Christmas: Official Rangers Lotto T-Shirts cost £15. Cost to you: £12 Available in most sizes - I'll get a firm update on what we have left in stock tomorrow. There are 4 T-Shirts available. Here are 3 of them And here is the 4th... Smart, eh? And only £12 each!!! Stadium Bricks: Get a message for a loved one emblazoned on Ibrox this Christmas. They cost £50 each, but yes, you've guessed it, we're selling them for less than that. only £40 via The Fund. Get your order in now, and you'll have the certificate in time for Christmas. (The bricks themselves won't go up until after the New Year) Oh, buying your brick through The Fund also brings certain benefits unavailable anywhere else (to be revealed to buyers only, but ask any previous buyer - they weren't disappointed!) Any questions?
  8. 1872 Clothing

    has jonny left then?
  9. 1872 Clothing

    you tried emailing jonny there? I've dealt with them a few times, and always been very happy.
  10. You make a very good point. And might I suggest that anyone else who feels that way might want to help us here at RangersMedia. We're trying to raise £420 to sponsor a bluenosed puppy from the Bravehound Foundation for a year, The puppy will be trained to become a companion dog for a Veteran. Here's their website. http://www.glenart.co.uk/g/bravehound/ If you would like to help out with a couple of quid towards that, then please PM me or something. Sadly we've missed the coffee morning, but they're always happy to see visitors.