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  1. roboscot

    Our crowds early 80's

    The tube tunnel was definitely after Souness arrived.
  2. roboscot

    Edmiston Drive

  3. roboscot

    Joe Worrall.

    It might also be a case of getting games into Worrall to bring him up to the same match-fitness levels as Katic. NK has had a pretty intense start to the season in terms of number of games played and it’s good for him that he’s not being relied on too heavily at such a young age.
  4. roboscot


    I like hexagons. And parallelograms.
  5. roboscot

    Acting like tarriers

    Spent a couple of weeks there in 2013, beautiful spot if you can see past the shantytowns!
  6. roboscot

    Europa League rival watch

    Ice cream what you did there.
  7. FAQs from spfl.co.uk BETFRED CUP SEMI-FINAL Q&A IN RESPONSE TO ENQUIRIES ON THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR NEXT MONTH’S BETFRED CUP SEMI-FINALS, HERE IS SOME ADDITIONAL INFORMATION... Q: Why are both ties being played at Hampden? A: We inherited from the SPL a contractual obligation with Hampden Park Ltd to play certain matches at the National Stadium. These include any Betfred Cup semi-final game involving celtic or Rangers, as well as any other semi-final match where the attendance is expected to be greater than 20,000. Q: Could one of the ties not have been switched to the weekend after? A: We looked at every possible alternative. Doing so would have created additional fixture challenges. Switching the celtic vs Hearts tie until November 3 or 4 would have meant restoring the celtic vs Motherwell Ladbrokes Premiership match to its original date of October 28. That would have created a situation where celtic and Rangers would both be playing in separate stadia in Glasgow on the same day. Police Scotland would not have supported that. Q: What has Police Scotland’s reaction been to this decision? A: We arrived at this decision only after lengthy and exhaustive discussions with all our stakeholders, including Police Scotland. They have reassured us they are content with the decision to play both ties at Hampden on the same day and have the resources to manage the situation. Q. Why couldn’t the Aberdeen game have been chosen for the 7:45pm kick-off? A. This was agreed following input from Police Scotland who advised they wished the Aberdeen vs Rangers game to be played first. Q: Some clubs have been critical of the kick-off times, with supporters travelling from all over the country for matches kicking off early in the day and in the evening. What is your reaction to that? A: We explained to representatives from all four semi-finalists the rationale behind this decision. We understand their concerns about supporters and travel complications and sympathise with fans, but this is the best solution to a logistically-challenging situation. Q: Will the Hampden pitch be able to cope with two matches on the same day? A: The Hampden groundstaff have assured us that the pitch is more than capable of hosting two matches of this nature in a short timeframe, even in adverse weather conditions. Q: Could this all have been avoided when the SPFL fixtures were being drawn up in the summer? A: There are many issues which need to be factored in when producing the fixture calendar each season, including the recent re-introduction of the Premiership winter break, European football, international commitments and other cup tournaments. It has greatly reduced our options for rearranging matches. While it is hugely prestigious for us to have two of our clubs in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League, it has also presented us with logistical difficulties on this occasion. This reeks of pish. The only thing they're concerned with is getting maximum cashflow through Hampden.
  8. roboscot

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Collins is a creepy looking bastard.
  9. roboscot

    Kit Use

    Orange kit should be worn v tarriers in the Betfred Final
  10. roboscot

    Windass next up on Talksport

    Omelette boy.
  11. Thanks, that makes sense, hopefully the home games will be a civilised 5.45am ko haha
  12. Was there any explanation regarding the early kick off time? Makes it 2.55am here which is brutal when you have work in the morning.
  13. roboscot

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    My list ends in 2000 as I left for Australia in Feb 2001 and have only been back for a couple of brief visits.