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  1. Why isn't Gerrard going to be on the touchline?
  2. There’s a lot of people that claim military service that never served. An old guy I know, (ex 2 Para same as my Dad) runs a network hunting them down and destroying their web of lies. He works for the Returned Services League here in Australia and has managed to get a few of them charged with fraud for claiming benefits for ex-soldiers.
  3. 3-5-1 katic for AH Davis for Arfield Defoe for DC
  4. Brown’s a fkn mongo but why react like that to him. Absolutely stunning stupidity.
  5. I fingered his daughter in a bus shelter in Mt Vernon when we were 15.
  6. I like it, rugby refs have had them here for years.
  7. Decent concept, poorly executed.
  8. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/42184/Aberdeen_vs_Rangers_FC.html
  9. 11.30pm kick-off here, I'll be lucky to see half time
  10. Intae these no mark bastards. 3-0 to the Famous, Alfredo hat-trick.
  11. I've got Monday off so can sit up late on Sunday night and get mwi watching the silence of the lambs.
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