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  1. Mols was unplayable that night. Wee Dick took him off for Colin Hendry and we instantly went from dominating in attack to cowering in defence. A tactical numpty.
  2. Loved the big, poaching bastard. Gutted when he left the first time, probably should have had the sense to know 2nd time around wouldn’t have worked out.
  3. She looks pretty good here https://instagram.com/kinsey_sue?igshid=r4agiq7td80c Can you please post a link to your burds instagram page.
  4. Sydney Festival of Football versus Blackburn Rovers in 2010. I only had to travel the 1100km from QLD though...
  5. roboscot

    Paul McStay

    It wasn't a boys club it was a paedophile ring. Probably got passed around the lot of them, Savile included.
  6. roboscot

    Paul McStay

    "McStay signed for celtic aged sixteen from celtic Boys Club in 1981."
  7. In about these mutations. I would never wish a career ending injury on anyone but I’ll make an exception for the sisterless one.
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