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Wolves are interested in my Chinese cousin

Struggling to piece together Kirk's transfer news.

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Cifcti is decent but surely Celtic could do without another pr disaster after Tonev, Guidetti and the thumbs antics.

This is them we are talking about. They've fuck all dignity and don't give a fuck how bad they look to the outside world. They're an absolutely horrible club with fans and employees lower than dug shite.

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No chance they are dropping Busquets.

Yeah highly unlikely mate but it's the only thing I could think of to fit him in.

Unless they just spent £24m on a player to cover the LW/RW as it looks like Pedro is on the way out but that's far too much money to spend just for a sub.

Enrique obviously has a plan, he's smarter than me anyway so I'll leave it to him to decide what he's going to do :lol:

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In what way?

It was never a transfer ban, just a ban from registering new players.

the whole delaying it too allow them to fill their squad meaning it hasnt been detrimental too them as a club like a punishment should be , although im happy in a way at that because i dont think any club should ever be banned from making transfers or registering players
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