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Since it is that time of the year and we have had a wee preview of a couple of tracksuits and a training top I thought we should have a thread where the speculation and ideas could be posted. Any inside information and sneak previews would also be good.

There is always huge interest regarding the new strips and we have a good few guys on here who are talented at designing projected templates, so it would be good to see new ideas for the 2014/15 kits.

I will kick it off with something I rattled up earlier. We seem to have had many retro-style kits in recent years with one glaring omission. I read that there will be some kind of collar and perhaps buttons on the new kit (would have preferred v-neck myself) so it is somewhat based on hearsay.

Also, the 80s seem to be having something of a revival in the cultural zeitgeist, with music and fashion all mirroring that particular decade. With this in mind... Puma, Rangers... Give us the pinstripes!



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Why do the kit makers never ask what the fans want

Would it not be an advantage to make something we all want?

You mean that the Rangers fans should all get together and agree on something?


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There was a time when we had strips where the material had Rangers logo's, crest's and such like things woven into the material. They were really good and I still have mine, even though I stopped buying replica strips years ago, I still keep hold of them.

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