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Nicky Law: I Feel Pity For Loyal Axed Players

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Manky media source, stirring it ...................................

Cunts lucky he wasn't transfer listed on Warburton's first day

He maybe yet, can't imagine W&W putting up with that shite .............................

Concentrate on your own job.

Full Stop.

We want 10 goals and more this season, If he's not up to it then get him on that list and out the door ......................... no more passengers :2gunsfiring_v1:

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What a breath of fresh air he was when he wasn't a registered player. "trialist" controlled those 3 games he played in. After a while he became anonymous. I struggle to imagine him being a top player for us again as when I think of his play I just see him being closed down by a part timer and losing the ball but if W&W surround him with the right players and get his confidence back he could still be an asset

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The type of attitude which led to some of the very poorest performances ever seen in a Rangers jersey. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and a clean slate but if this is what he really thinks then nothing has changed. He's still the same horrible wee prick he came across as before. Bin him.

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