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I think he will actually do quite well this season

DAVID Templeton reckons there’s more to come from him despite bagging his first goal of the season against Peterhead on Sunday.

The winger opened the scoring against the Blue Toon in the 3-0 win, and while admitting it was a great feeling to both notch a goal and be back playing, he believes he can still play better.

In an exclusive interview with RangersTV.tv, Templeton said: “It was a great feeling, there is nothing better than scoring at Ibrox in front of your home fans and the past few seasons I’ve struggled.

“So to get back playing and get back on the score sheet was a massive confidence boost for me.

“I didn’t even realise it was that long since I’d last scored so it’s been good to get off to a good start this season.

“Because I hadn’t really been playing it doesn’t seem as long as if I’d been playing every week and I didn’t know it was that long.

“I still think I could have played better in pre-season and I could have maybe scored a couple more in a few of the other games.

“It’s been good to get two in five games though and hopefully I can take that into future games and score a lot more.

“I’ve not really played for the last two seasons and when I have I didn’t do well so to now get a run of games and get some goals it is a great confidence boost and hopefully if I can keep playing I can keep scoring.

“As a footballer, when you’re not playing then it’s really tough, and at the end of the season in the play-offs, I wasn’t involved at all, and that was really difficult to take.

“Since the new manager has come in, I’ve had a fair chance, and hopefully I can take it and keep myself in the team, as it definitely does make you feel a lot better.”

One thing that comes across when speaking to all the Rangers players at the moment is just how much they are loving every aspect of life at the club at the moment.

And Templeton too reflected that feeling.

He continued: “There is a good togetherness in the squad and training is really enjoyable, and everyone looks forward to coming in every morning and doing their training – and that’s massive for everyone to feel happy coming in.

“It’s been total football and different ways of play and different movements for different players. So it’s been really good and Davie[Weir] has been working well with us too in telling the wide men what he wants us to do.

“We also give him feedback as to what we could do better, and help him understand our position as well, as with him being a centre-half, he maybe isn’t as sure about wingers as much as we are.

“It’s good to have that feedback from both points of view.

“Some of the training has been smaller stuff and working on movements of players and what positions to take up and when to move to let the full-back in.

“It’s showing in the games as we’ve created so many chances. In the first half against Hibs, we maybe weren’t at our best but we still managed to go in with a lead.

“In the second half, we could maybe have had a few more goals with the chances we had, and on Sunday we could easily have won 10-0 and that’s not exaggerating.

“In training we work a lot on finishing and the manager is getting on at us to make sure we’re clinical and that every chance we miss has to hurt.

“We’ve got to want to score a lot more than we do, so that proves on Sunday we weren’t clinical enough and hopefully in the games coming up if we get that many chances we will be able to score more goals.”

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This is last chance he will get to make it at Rangers. Don't want to continually keep referring but the McCoist regime didn't help him at all. Most likely held him back a lot as a player but he has to look at himself as well. Needs to improve or it will be cheerio

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Said on another thread my faith in him is going. His delivery is poor and he looks incapable of beating the man in front of him far to often.

Hope he goes on to prove me and all doubters wrong. He will never have a better chance.

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Templeton is a player he just needs to believe in himself alot more nothing wrong with knocking the ball by a defender and backing yourself to win the race.

Of course doing that your gonna get a few sore ones and that's what I think Templeton is scared of

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It still doesn't look like he will make it at Rangers. I was hoping for something different, but I would say his impact on a game is minimal. He scored at the weekend, but he made little impact on the game apart from that. Safe to say he doesn't have a long term future at the club. A player in his position in the team needs to make an impact and trouble the defence of the opposition; I don't see that at all.

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Someone we simply cannot rely on to get us through tough matches or cup games. He is a mediocre luxury we can afford atm with an awful attitude. He should have been a superstar at Rangers. instead he took his money and was more than happy to sit on his arse for 3 years. Can't see him making it now, even under Mr Warburton.

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I think temps needs a run of games. He will gain confidence and that can only be a good thing. Under ally it must have been devastating for him being benched constantly. Clearly MW can see the potential

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