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Improvement on last season?


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W    D    L    GF    GA    GD    Points

19   10   9   56   44    +12     67


21   7   10   76   50    +26    70


3 more points than last season

20 more goals scored

6 more goals conceded

Won 2 games more

Lost 1 more game

Hardly a great stride forward or "ahead of the curve".




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I felt when things started going well after the Florida trip that we were in a better shape than last year but when the chips are down thismlot (apart from today) are cowering in their shells.

Its not ability that’s the issue with most of the team but rather the mentality (defenders I believe is ability though as they are garbage).

Put it this way if Gerrard is given the funds to get rid of 95% of the squad I’d be fine with that.

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Not suprised we have scored more goals this season,  Who can forgot the dreaded side to side passing and 1 shot on goal a game last year, We have improved but just barely played better football at times (compared to last year) I think this years major problems have been unable to actually go on a decent winning run and our terrible home form,  We need to make Ibrox a fortress again all those points could have made the league table look totally different. Hope Gerrard come's in and gets us far more consistent. 

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Don't know about improvement but they have completely worn me down to such an extent that I just couldn't give a fuck anymore.I was actually watching that today with my grandson and both of us were pissing ourselves laughing.So I suppose things may have improved because years ago I would have been near a fuckin coronary watching that, or maybe I'm just getting old.

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2 minutes ago, Shuggy said:

Mind you, not as bad as season 85/86, when we finished on the equivalent 38 games, 3 points a game total of 48 points compared to 70!


You can't really compare the Scottish league of the 80's to the 2018 mickey mouse league however poor the 85/86 season was.

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Think as an attacking force we have improved and certain other areas but we are still as far behind them as we were.

Hopefully Stevie G makes a massive difference to the quality of the playing squad.

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If you take in to account the spending etc I actually look at this season as a step back.

At Ibrox we have been nothing short of shambolic and it's simply unacceptable. 

Next season is last chance saloon for those upstairs and are fortunate to have that last chance.....

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Still a lot to improve on but in terms of personnel I think we are in a better position than last year, even if overall team performance aren't as consistent as they should be.


Felt it would be naive to expect us to be challenging for the title the first few years after we came up but think we will be challenging over the next 3 years. Hoping Stevie G can provide the breakthrough we have been waiting years for and at the very least punt the sheep back to where they belong next season. 


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