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The Euros

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25 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Even the normal pronunciation of how we say Kamara isn't quite correct apparently. Apparently the last a is meant to be a 'uh' sound.

The funny thing is when you get a commentator who actually does go above and beyond to pronounce a name how a native speaker would say it, like Derek Rae does, people take the piss out of him for trying too hard.

I listened to a podcast recently and Rae said he phones players and associations to get the correct pronunciation.

Hes the only British commentator that pronounces Bruno Fernandes’ name correctly.

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1 minute ago, tom1780 said:

Russia are dug shite 

Finland apart from Kamara are as well tbh. Fucking terrible game and a good reason why the Euros should never have been expanded. 

When Scotland qualify you know you've fucked it.

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Don’t know I’m watching just getting annoyed 

5 mins added on 

dire commentary 

teams wearing the wrong shorts 

no crowd trouble or battles 

sooooo boaring 

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4 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

Another 90mins of Robbie savage on co commentary awaits :ang:

Not the best, is he?

However, it was refreshing to hear him running Wales down at every opportunity, still giving it ‘I can’t see where we’re going to get a goal from’, even up to a few minutes before they did score!

Unlike lots of the rest, who spend all game trying to buff up bullshit into something shiny!

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1 hour ago, HG5 said:

Commentator in their last match said they’d spoken to all the squads support teams to clarify pronunciation.

Couldn’t believe my ears when he then kept saying it like the one on the right🙈

Think they’d be professional enough to focus on what they are saying then, it’s fairly black and white isn’t it?

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