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  1. DinViesel

    New York RSC

  2. DinViesel

    Great Game Of American Fitbaw

    Reminded me of Spuds job interview in trainspotting. ?
  3. DinViesel


    slo@Rangers.co.uk He won’t be any help.
  4. Imagine the carnage if the sheep manage to take us to penalties. We will be leaving as those cunts will be arriving.
  5. I’m order 6500 or so and paid through Paypal so have no way of tracking or cancelling. At the rate they are shipping I may have it for Christmas. What a fucking farce.
  6. DinViesel

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    I’ve paid for the stream, the quality is great but the loading circle in the middle won’t disappear. Anyone else having the same issue?
  7. DinViesel

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Would Michael Barrymore have us as the first topic of conversation during the coverage of a champions leauge semi final?
  8. DinViesel

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    They arent the only ones. The official celtic Facebook page are even ripping the cunt posting an image of Miller playing for them. We are a laughing stock.
  9. DinViesel

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Pumped over both legs and get through on appeal. It's the celtic way.
  10. DinViesel

    *****The Official Scottish Cup Semi Final Thread*****

    Clueless at the back. Clueless.
  11. DinViesel

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    They went as far as putting electrical tape over "Toni" on his jacket.
  12. DinViesel

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Ironic that this was the first post I was put back to tonight. I like this thread but it's becoming a major pain in the arse waiting for it to load all the time and getting threw back to August when the forum is busy.
  13. DinViesel

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Time for a new wrestling thread?