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  1. After his red last season against them I was raging with him, would have happily seen him sold. Now I would be absolutely devastated to see him leave for any price.
  2. DinViesel


    https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-transfer-news/jermain-defoe-issues-Rangers-plea-20470037??2
  3. From a friend who unfortunately works at their shithole in Lennoxtown. Griffiths and greg Taylor had a fall out which came to blows and resulted in them both being omitted from today's squad.
  4. I wonder if he will get called out for his Bobby Madden comments. He knew exactly what he was saying.
  5. Goal line angle shows it better. It didn't cross the line and Davis done phenomenally well to keep it out.
  6. "I bet Bobby madden would have given that one" Aye cause it was a blatant penalty ya knob.
  7. Last season he declared his love for katic... literally. Then dropped him about 3 weeks later.
  8. I'm glad we haven't made a raft of changes for changes sake. I want to see this team we watched rip apart Feyenoord rip apart St Johnstone.
  9. DinViesel

    COD Modern Warfare

    I can never get to grips with the betas as I always play hardcore. Hate going back to the core games but this does look promising.
  10. To be fair I didn't notice it until the Jimmy Bell parody account on twitter highlighted it. This is the least amateurish of the three I mentioned above but still shouldn't be happening. No bother shagger.
  11. Right before I start. I know its nitpicking especially after the show we put on yesterday and everything else that's went on this week but... who is responsible for the continued fuck ups with our kit. First we had Kent with his backwards stripes, Hasties upside down chevrons and now Davis and his upside down europa badge. This amateur pish needs to stop.
  12. I'm watching the Kelty Hearts and Auckinleck game. At half time the BBC of all people ran a tribute video and it made me well up instantly. It caught me off guard because it wasnt a Rangers game I was watching. What a fucking fighter the man was. I hope hes at peace.
  13. Gypsy cunt. He will have done this on purpose so he doesn't have to play for the youth team. Id have the cunt in work every legal minute but dont let him near any or our players.
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