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  1. What was the content of his snapchats?
  2. Sportscene commentary “like the game in December where Rangers won thanks to Ryan Jack’s deflected goal.” They then went on to discuss sectarian singing by the “home fans” Fuck sportscene.
  3. Foderingham, Polster, Worrall, McAuley, Barisic, Halliday, Dorrans, Coulibaly, Grezda, Morelos, Lafferty was the team H/T subs were Grezda, Coulibaly & Lafferty off Dorrans then Halliday came off around 60mins From 4lads.
  4. See ye say that but another thread was started here today by someone looking to be offended by the way the polis walked fans to the ground.
  5. Soy Morelos? Fuck off. Absolute cunt of a boy.
  6. These commentators are a pair of rats. Can feel their hate.
  7. Yaaaas the wee man doing the Morelos celebration when he scored!
  8. Our keeper far better at hitting them than saving them 😂
  9. Got a stream from Aberdeen tv. They commentators. ”it’s an injustice. The refereeing needs addressed.” fuck right off 😂😂😂
  10. Reminded me of Spuds job interview in trainspotting. ?
  11. DinViesel


    slo@Rangers.co.uk He won’t be any help.
  12. Imagine the carnage if the sheep manage to take us to penalties. We will be leaving as those cunts will be arriving.
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