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  1. One of our biggest problems was we couldn't freshen up the midfield in the last few games. The other issue leading to tiredness was our poor discipline in previous games.
  2. He's a hard work in player who will be missed in the team. Just because he's not spectacular doesn't mean he's no good.
  3. Let's get through Thursday and the first game against them before we get too excited. It's still far too early for all this.
  4. I'll fucking lucky ye!
  5. This game is pish. Players slipping all over the place too.
  6. 3 mins of my life I'm not getting back.
  7. Embarrassing from JT that he's selling cruelly mutilated dogs. Rangers should have some sort of ethics charter that prevent this type of stupidity. It is embarrassing to the club. As far as I'm concerned he should at the least be dropped as captain. Punted if he refuses to stop being involved in this type of business.
  8. Don't think this is confirmed
  9. Gerrard isn't going to be interested in players with a bad attitude. He'll put graft over skill on the attributes list
  10. 5 years ago I wanted a long term plan to bring through a team full of youth players so by now they would be a solid unit , capable of winning the league. That opportunity was lost a long time ago. Now just want a team that can win the league. Which will involve buying a good number of experienced players that are better than what we have now.
  11. I'm not excited by this at all. Terrified and angry would sum it up.
  12. Murty has every right to bring these boys back, assess them and decided if they can contribute to the rest of the season. It's far better to give Haliday that chance and then loan him out somewhere he might play than have him waiting away at a club not playing. I think one of his problems was he was never played in his actual position. Murty has been quite good at getting players to perform specific tasks, so he might find a role in games for Andy that gets the best of of him when called upon.
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