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  1. When Albertz got the ball and drove forward, the opposition midfield parted in fear and defenders scrambled in panic, it was a thing of beauty and you could feel the whole stadium rise in anticipation of an unstoppable thunderbolt from the big man.
  2. When was the last time we didn't have RFC crest on the shirt?
  3. Constantly changing the manager isn't a good idea. It just doesn't work. Those who say he doesn't have experience are right. But this was known all along. Would hope that fans would want to get behind the man as he can be a great figurehead for the club. But he will need to find ways to improve and get the players to meet the targets he is setting. It's a bit embarrassing how quickly some fans want to throw him under the bus. He has improved the squad and the way the team plays.
  4. I now can't unhear this!
  5. The refereeing was a disgrace. I'm frustrated that Morelos didn't stay on his feet as I felt he still could have scored.
  6. Its great that theres 3 or 4 that could have got it for playing ever so well.
  7. dan_ger

    Aribo today

    Did well enough in the 2nd half as the target for balls down the right. Still think he needs to improve his general decision making in regular play. Especially in attack.
  8. This game is pish. Players slipping all over the place too.
  9. I'm not excited by this at all. Terrified and angry would sum it up.
  10. Murty has every right to bring these boys back, assess them and decided if they can contribute to the rest of the season. It's far better to give Haliday that chance and then loan him out somewhere he might play than have him waiting away at a club not playing. I think one of his problems was he was never played in his actual position. Murty has been quite good at getting players to perform specific tasks, so he might find a role in games for Andy that gets the best of of him when called upon.
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