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  1. This game is pish. Players slipping all over the place too.
  2. I'm not excited by this at all. Terrified and angry would sum it up.
  3. Murty has every right to bring these boys back, assess them and decided if they can contribute to the rest of the season. It's far better to give Haliday that chance and then loan him out somewhere he might play than have him waiting away at a club not playing. I think one of his problems was he was never played in his actual position. Murty has been quite good at getting players to perform specific tasks, so he might find a role in games for Andy that gets the best of of him when called upon.
  4. Pretty sure I fell asleep briefly just before half time.
  5. It's clear as day he talked to us. Even to the sheep fans.
  6. Only thing I'm wondering is that McInnes could have spilled the beans on being afforded control of signing policy as the reason he wants to stay at Aberdeen; because he gets full control and a good relationship with Milne. Essentially he could have told the truth and still looked good in the eyes of sheep fans.
  7. The club statement is one of the worst I've seen. Whoever penned/instructed it has embarrassed our club and are not fit to represent Rangers. It smacks of bitterness. Which suggests there is more to it than everyone is letting on.
  8. I thought Miller was injured.
  9. The Sun report is closer the the RO report. Jackson just stirring up shit. No surprise.
  10. Dodoo needs to be loaned to another SPFL team for some game time. For the sake of his own career. No point in him being here. Waghorn needs a move or a loan. Then we need to bring in a goal scorer.
  11. Like Cilic but can't see past an on form Fed. He's surely got this if he plays as he has been.
  12. I'm angry and dejected this morning. Tried to get on board with PC but for me it's all mouth and no substance! Some of the players like Alves, Pena and hopefully Dorrans give a bit of light but we need someone that can organise them into a team of winners. I can't see how Pedro is going to be that man.
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