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Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

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Interesting scout reports on both Windass and Crooks. http://lowerleaguescout.com/matt-crooks-scout-report/ http://lowerleaguescout.com/josh-windass-scout-report/


No offence, OP but I will be awaiting confirmation from Kenny Miller's neighbour.

How come?

The SPL is League 1/2 standard. Look at the amount of players from they leagues who come up here and shine. Storey for Inverness the latest, scored 2 goals in 18 apps for Newport County last year and has arguably been ICT's best player this season with 8 or so goals already.

I was in Northampton last September and went to see them. Very ordinary to me. Based on that day at least, they would struggle in the spl.

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Rubbish. Look at Barcelona, they play the same system and they've got world class defenders worth tens of millions of pounds and their defenders get the same criticisms. Alves one of the best right backs in the world, gets criticised for being too attacking and leaving his centre backs exposed. And Pique, Mascherano, Puyol, Mathieu etc in the times that they have played for Barcelona have had varying degrees of criticism for their defending, as has the defensive unit of Barcelona. The system they play leaves them exposed at times like this, but their manager feels the attacking threat this gives them is worth it. Personally, I'm really pleased with Kiernan and Tav. I'm unsure of Wilson at the moment, but he doesn't become a bad player overnight.


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I would much rather have 38% possession and the win every day of the week...

That may be so, but it wouldn't happen though. We wouldn't consistently win every match with that possession figure. St Johnstone wouldn't win every match against us with that figure.

You might say you'd accept that on paper, but the second we lost a match the knives would be out. It'd be like Ally all over again. In a one off game, fine, but all season?

Personally I'm happy with the way things are going. Modern football for the first time in ages.

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