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***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

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2 minutes ago, Sweettartangirl said:

Graham Spiers and Tom English are not amused. 


just wait for the silence from these two pricks during the next two hearts games at the piggery and Hampden, these cunts are certainly part of the problem with their selecterianism

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How you feeling Rod? 

Daft.  Suspended for next season.  The ‘aww hope we snap lego’ crowd are an utter embarrassment. Beat them and then laugh in his face going off. Hurts more than an elbow or a tackle. 

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29 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

It’s rules mate, not allowed to go the fans to celebrate, heard a ref confirming it yesterday, you can celebrate in front but not go to them.

It's leaving the pitch. As soon as you cross the line, ref can book you. Shite rule right enough

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1 hour ago, Broxi said:

We are giving him exactly what he wants us to give him. 

Every time one of our players go for him, it's just another victory for him. Laughing and goading is not a foul. Violent conduct off the ball is a red card waiting to happen. 

Violent conduct off the ball he specialises in, in recent seasons he's kicked a grounded player in the face and got away with it, being smart hasnt helped us so fuck it im glad flanagan smacked him and wish it could have been harder

He's a fake hardman thats made millions acting like a caveman and staying in scottish football

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2 hours ago, Broxi said:

People act like Brown elbows someone every game, he doesn't.

People praising players for almost getting sent off in an Old Furm game after all the red cards we've had already this season is ridiculous. 

Fuck up ya wet wipe.

Brown and PC Lustig have mocked us for years. 

Delighted now that we have players to show them up.

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