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Welcome to Rangers, Bongani Zungu

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1 minute ago, BlueAvenger said:

I've never fuckin heard of him. The concerns seem to be that he's injury prone or pish ! As you say give him a chance 

Roofe was a gamble fitness wise that’s so far not looking great , going and doing it again is a bit mad but can only wait and see 👍🏻

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Get behind the boy

Big Dingwall frantically scrolling through his Twitter to urgently delete some posts methinks.

To try and counter the negativity:  - I've watched him play in 4 full matches and thought he looked really good and exactly the type of midfielder we need - Football Stewart/SPFL Radar guy on t

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7 minutes ago, ritchieshearercaldow said:

Maybe we’ll get lucky, remember when we lost interest in Hartson because we thought he was injury prone.

Not strictly true.

I was one of the punters standing at the front door to welcome our two new signings, John Hartson and Ronald de Boer. I think Hartson was back-up in case we didn’t get de Boer but we didn’t want both.

So we went for the better footballer and used Hartson’s injury record to dump him.

Think that’s why he still hates us.

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1 hour ago, GlasgowRangers1983 said:

Can’t believe how this guys has been written off before even kicking a ball. The way I see it is we were prepared to pay 3/4M for him at the start of the season so he was obviously high on our priory list. We have now managed to sign him on lone with an OPTION to buy. This is smart from the club as there was obviously some doubts and this minimises our risk moving forward. If he’s rubbish he leaves and costs us no more money and if he’s can add to our team as the management and scouting departments obviously thought then it’s a no brainier. I feel like people would of been creaming themselves at the start of the season if we had spunked 3/4 million on him. 

I will give him the opportunity to show what he can do before I pass judgment on him. Welcome to the famous 🇬🇧

this. And the great thing about these deals is it puts pressure on the player to perform. No, "och well, if I chuck it I get paid off 2/3 years of my contract"... he needs to deliver the goods. Remember this is a guy who until a few months ago was facing OM and PSG, so he knows about facing quality players. Also an internationalist. Like you, am willing to see how he does. 

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I’m actually quite excited to see him play. We’ve been crying out for a better midfielder so will just need to see if it is him. Played in a good standard of league and did well at the AFCON last year and supposedly we were ready to throw £3-4m at him earlier in the window. Must have something about him.

I’m also not sure he’s injury prone, rather than having had two bad injuries that kept him out for a while. That’s very different to the likes of Barker or Roofe who pick up a hamstring or calf injury every 3 games. 

There’s definitely a lot of bandwagon jumping with the negativity. People were also fizzing we’d signed Balogun and McLaughlin and both have been really good.

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Looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Given his injuries, I'm gonna guess our fitness regime will take it's toll on him for at least the first season. Similar to the way Roofe, Itten and Kent got injuries in their first seasons.  I'm gonna say we'll see maybe 10-15 games from him this season.

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