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SPL Team of the season

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Who scored. Com rating in brackets- outfield players calculated with reference to goals, assists, passes completed etc

                       Roos (6.84)

Tav(7.64) Starfelt(7.21) Goldson(7.14) Barasic (7.29)

   O’Riley(7.20) Hatate(7.14) Tillman (7.29)

Sakala (7.27)  Kyoto (7.06)  Jota (7.48)


Meaningless or a fair reflection of the best players in the league ?


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Barasic -

9 assists

12 “big chances” created

68 “key passes”

Looks ok but they clearly don’t balance this with mistakes, missed tackles, at fault for goals


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People from everywhere are now watching the game based on what they read on paper. All you hear about are stats these days.

A Rangers team who won nothing have five players in the team of the season? I think not.

Starfelt is a nightmare and O'Riley?

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1 hour ago, theiconicman said:

Surely proves that stats by themselves are meaningless.

No really. The scores for that particular team of the year will just heavily weighted towards attack minded players. It's no surprise our two full backs are usually in.

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13 hours ago, Loyal72 said:

The people who put that team together didn't watch any games. 


Exactly. Those stats aren't worth a fuck. 

They don't know who is playing for the shirt for us and busting their balls to win.

Also doesn't show which players are going through the motions.

Doesn't take injuries into account either. 

Borna has probably had his worst season for us since he scored the screamer against St Mirren (boooo). 

Even he would be shocked to be included. 

He hasn't played many games under Beale for a reason.  Fantastic crosser of the ball, but just isn't fast enough to get back to defend when teams counte attack.  That's why Yilmaz has taken his place. 

Btw none of our players deserve any real credit. The scum are going to have yet another treble.

No silverware for us whatsoever, not even  in the youth and ladies team.

Vexes me when people use stats  to talk up individuals when we are trophyless.


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Our players failed and no amount of excuses or stats will make up for that players including Tav downed tools during the season and were a disgrace.


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