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Bad Robot

Guard of Dishonour blog by Rick Roberts, and a poll

Should our team applaud them onto our Ibrox   

561 members have voted

  1. 1. It’s a simple yes or no with no fence sitters

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No way should we provide a GOH....... Surely our club knows the fans feelings on this matter and will act accordingly. 156 against versus 6 for on the poll at the start of the page.


The message is clear...... we don't want our players providing that lot with a GOH. Simple as that.


I will be absolutely fuming if we do.


Edit to say the 6 that voted for a goh must be celtc fans.

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3 minutes ago, scottyscott1963 said:

The club you want clapped onto the park and the club they represent HAVE NO SHAME.
Why would we be ashamed at anything we ever did or will do.
Won't matter one little bit whether we dishonour them or not.
This scabby club will find something to shout about.
They actually have to every day of their sad fuckin lives TO DEFLECT FROM THE SHAMEFUL THINGS THAT HAPPENED AT THAT CLUB.


Well said Scotty mate ..... even Shame is ashamed of them.


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5 hours ago, slimjim1690 said:

I've supported and followed The Rangers man and boy since the mid sixties but if this board decides to give those bastards a GOH then that seriously might mark the end for me, the thought of it is churning my stomach, surely to fuck they must understand how the supporters feel about this, are they really willing to rub our noses into the dirt, surely to God not.

I really don't think that I could cheer for any player again who would lower himself to perform this action.

Put it this way: there is going to be a stadium filled to the rafters with |Rangers fans, with just a few of them in the corner.

If the club does something that so enrages 45,000+ fans, then God help THEM!!!!!

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Just now, siddiqi_drinker said:

Hey leave him alone he's a dab hand with a lawnmower


Let's have five minutes applause for Stevie Chalmers as well then we can hold a holy communion


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