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  1. OhW liked a post in a topic by blaudrup in Castore Kit Thread   
    It helps that the Venezia strip has the club name on it, rather than say BeijingBet888Panda
  2. OhW liked a post in a topic by The Specky Liar in Xavi Simons   
    He's one of the highest rated youngsters in the world he's not worth less than Aberdeen bid for Martin Boyle  
  3. OhW liked a post in a topic by The Specky Liar in Bassey   
    Strange behaviour 
  4. OhW liked a post in a topic by born a blue nose in *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers thread*****   
    Fixed for you 
  5. OhW liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in Jermain Defoe no longer part of coaching staff.   
    Don’t see why people are so upset that he got a new deal. He’s not going to play because Morelos is the undisputed first choice but Roofe can’t stay fit for any length of time and Sakala looks better playing from the flanks than he does through the middle. Even now if we were chasing a goal and I had to make a choice between throwing on Defoe or Sakala I would choose Defoe every day of the week.
  6. OhW liked a post in a topic by the goal machine in Aribo   
    Think he’s one of our only players whose stepped it up a level this season (maybe the only one). Another cracking goal today, what a player.
    Hopefully we can extend his deal soon.
  7. OhW liked a post in a topic by Smile in The suns player ratings from last night   
    Those ratings will get them through to the next round.
  8. OhW liked a post in a topic by Laudrupsleftfoot in Goldson   
    Just re-watched it as sick of reading mongos saying Goldson has 'downed tools'.
    Whole interview is spot on except where he's said the game's over 3-0 down, which he shouldn't have said but it's obvious he hasn't meant they've come out in the second half and decided not to try.
    The abuse he's had is fucking disgusting.
  9. OhW liked a post in a topic by The Specky Liar in Goldson   
    What's he supposed to say? Come out and call Goldson a fanny?
  10. OhW liked a post in a topic by Laudrup1984 in Goldson   
    My tuppence worth.
    Goldson on lack of hunger
    The more I think about this, the more I actually think he's not quite telling the full story, and I think I get why. My view is that Goldson, in his mind, believes there are certain people who are lacking hunger (not everyone). However, he has fell short of naming them. Although he said 'we' I don't think he actually means everyone or even himself IMO. I think it's something we all say at times if we're part of a team. 'We' is the go to, and it also shows your taking responsibility when in fact you really want to just call out certain people. I fully get why he hasn't named anyone though. I think that would have been too much. Not naming anyone though and saying 'we' puts a target on everyone, and leads to a fan/media frenzy with the spotlight on everyone.
    I don't actually think the whole team have lost their hunger, in fact I'm pretty certain of that, but maybe a few within the squad have. I think from the interview it seemed to me that Goldson does care. He could have easily given the cliche responses. However, after that performance and result, he's probably got to the end of his tether although it's obviously pretty horrendous to hear that the reigning league champions have players who are lacking hunger.
    Goldson on the game being done
    I can only presume he has said this on the basis that he knows the players who have lost their hunger and he knows how they deal with adversity, ie not very well.
    As Gio said, hunger should come within. However, if Goldson has identified players who are lacking hunger, lacking of character, lacking belief, failing to follow instructions, as vice captain, Goldson, Tav, Arfield, McGregor, Davis etc, all senior players need to be doing more about that. Collectively this is unacceptable. Everyone is complicit in this.
    To basically say we have given up at 3-1 in a semi final in front of 35,000 Rangers fans, in front of their new manager is astounding. I can't get my head around this. There can be no justification for it.
    Goldson's contract situation
    I might be one of the few but in my view if someone signs a contract and then honours their contract it's difficult to get too angry with them. He's not really done anything wrong (if he stays until the summer). Obviously it questions his longer term commitment but I think how we've handled it as a club is more of an issue.
    As shit as it's been it's probably for the best it has all come out, and now, before Gio started. It's probably been bubbling for a while now. Sometimes it's best to get it all out. I would like to think everything has been discussed, openly and honestly and everyone now knows exactly where they stand and what is needed if they wish to continue with us. I think Goldson will play on Thursday and I expect him to stand up. I expect a reaction from everyone (he says in hope).
  11. OhW liked a post in a topic by King Jela in Goldson   
    Each to their own. I think he's been the better of the 2 overall since Helander's injury.
    And I think you missed the point I was making
  12. kelvd1873 liked a post in a topic by OhW in Goldson   
    Balogun has been horrendous this season. Worse than Goldson imo. 
  13. OhW liked a post in a topic by Malkytfp1 in Goldson   
    Love that the thing Tav said over 20 months ago is now being piped up. Since then they have won one of our biggest league titles overcoming huge pressure. But fuck it we lost a game of football so let's batter fuck out the guys who were heroes just 6 months ago.
    I get cunts being angry at the defeat and correctly angry at our vice captain saying the game was over. Whilst I'll disagree with some things I know most of us are just dealing with the loss but some of the shite on here and abuse is criminal and I'm embarrassed as fuck with some people wanting to boo his every touch and going on about his heart etc and just genuinely abusing the guy. Just very tarrieresque.
  14. OhW liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in John Fleck   
    Get Well Soon

  15. OhW liked a post in a topic by ForeverAndEver in John Fleck   
    Best wishes
  16. OhW liked a post in a topic by beararse in OFFICIAL: Gio Appointed Manager   
    Had he went into the dressing room at half time and turned things around I suspect Hibs would be first in the queue to question whether he was permitted to do so.
  17. OhW liked a post in a topic by Inigo in Goldson   
    Some don't want him dropped, I assume. Many do. That's not the same turning a blind eye. That's just feeling that he has more positives than negatives. 
    Not sure what all of this has to do with Katic being shite, though.
  18. OhW liked a post in a topic by RowX in Ross Wilson   
    He didn’t bring in Gerrard 
  19. OhW liked a post in a topic by Tiger Shaw in Follow Follow - what a weird wee forum   
    Who really gives a fuck pal bigger things to worry about than what threads get chopped on follow follow
    This my forums better than your forum pish by growing men’s fucking pathetic 
  20. OhW liked a post in a topic by Malkytfp1 in Goldson   
    "I feel like we've lost a bit of hunger. All of a sudden were champions and we don't need to work as hard which is wrong".
    Ima take some stick for this but I think hes bang on the money here and has identified a problem a lot of us have pointed out all season. We've all said the players don't look as hungry and there is a spark missing. That's what he's saying.
    People are bound to hate on him just now with his performances and contract situation but I feel people are jumping on a bandwagon for fuck all with that statement.
  21. OhW liked a post in a topic by BigBearButt in *****Official Rangers v Hibs League Cup SF Match Thread*****   
    Aribo the only player who can hold his head up high after that. 
  22. OhW liked a post in a topic by BlackpoolBear1952 in *****Official Rangers v Hibs League Cup SF Match Thread*****   
    We are now back to that pre title winning team with all the negativity that went with them,shocking turnaround and don't envy Gio's job at the moment.
  23. OhW liked a post in a topic by The Ibrox Derry in *****Official Rangers v Hibs League Cup SF Match Thread*****   
    Can't believe folk are blaming the stand in coaches for this??????
    It's the spineless fuckers on the pitch that are at fault.
  24. OhW liked a post in a topic by Drunk and disorderly. in *****Official Rangers v Hibs League Cup SF Match Thread*****   
    Our defence are fucking terrible today. Sore to watch. 
    If we can solidify things at the back we can get back into the game though as Hibs are absolutely shit. We are just making them look good.
  25. OhW liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in Graeme Murty   
    Are we human, or are we dancer?
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