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FC UFA next up


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6 minutes ago, feda16 said:

FC UFA are making their Euro debuts this season and could be a tough task away from home.

They where formed in 2010 

 Neftyanik Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Ufa, Russia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Ufa. The stadium holds 15,234 people, all seated., i also believe this pitch is synthetic

Formerly managed by Andrei Kanchelskis 

Last season the club finished 6th in the Russian league with Sylvester Igboun top scorer of 7 goals

They have beaten Domzale 1-1 on away goals and Progres 4-3 on aggregate to get here

Prominently Russian srquad, their squad is small, below is UEFA's believed tactical layout of their game against Progres.




Something fishy about their no 8.... 









Im here all week.  ?

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5 minutes ago, Essandoh said:

For Cod and Ulster


3 minutes ago, Blue_Devil said:

Am I herring you right? Not sure if we are in tuna with each other's thinking. 


3 minutes ago, Blue72 said:

Shut it ya bass~tard

This patter is sole destroying... 

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Just now, Brubear said:

I don't think they are anything to trout about. 

Have to say shite fish puns after progressing in Europe are much preferable to corporate accountancy discussions related to share issues after being beaten by night shift workers and plumbers playing for Annan athletic

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