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  1. 32 minutes ago, Willis said:

    And to be honest folk who still have a big grudge or feel like Ally was the main reason for our troubles need to get a grip. McCoist wasn't the only manager to struggle with us, even Gerrard struggled, Ally did what he could as a manager, and I was one of those shouting get him to fuck like most of us were

    At the end of the day nothing about the journey went the way we dreamed it would 

    But the dream came true this season in a a way that was almost better than a dream.

    The best thing for us as fans is to look back and reflect on the journey. And to forget some parts and people involved and to forgive others 

    One man who definitely deserves some forgiveness is Ally McCoist, he stood by us and took on one of the hardest tasks anyone at Rangers has ever taken on, and he failed, but he was part of it as much as anyone. And he was one of the main men fighting to keep our titles. Without him and a few others they would have ran us Into the ground 

    I'm glad that the majority of us see him for what he is, one of the Clubs greatest heroes  who's praises have and should be forever sung

    Fuckin best post ever on RM.well said Willis.

    No Surrender 


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  2. 1 hour ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    Swiss German is basically the equivalent of Scottish English though :lol: 

    I went to Bern translating german for an auditor in 2 cheese factories.i had a fuckin nightmare.it was the day after they (young boys) won the league for for the first time in years,maybe 4 years ago, half of the workers were still hammered from the celebrations.i knew I was in trouble in the opening meeting, when I couldnt understand a fuckin word they were saying.😅🤣 Switzedeutz  or something the language was ., german it fuckin wasnt.we ended up grabbing one of the local lads in their who spoke good english, and did the whole thing in our native tongue.ha fuckin brilliant memory.


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  3. I'm taking it 1 game at a time bears.that makes the reaction to the staggies hanging on last night watching in the house all the more magical. My mrs knows fuck all about football, but I showed a wee video of the Rangers seal and she pissed herself laughing.its so close, but I just wish it was done and dusted mathematically so I can sleep at night.


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  4. 1 hour ago, MacBoyd said:

    Think we need to come through the next 2 at home unscathed personally or things could get slightly edgy.

    Unfortunately I'm with you on this amigo.if we had won sunday I may be a bit more relaxed., but the thought of us chucking it now brings a sick feeling to my stomach like nothing else.ive got a horrible feeling that its gonna go right down to the wire. I hope I'm fuckin so wrong.if st Mirren get something tonight I will believe it's almost over. 

    Those on here that know me know I'm being both sincere and pessimistic, but until it is mathematically  impossible for them fuckin mutants to catch us, I will not take anything for granted. We have won nothing yet apart from a lot of back slapping in the media.that could quickly turn as we know.

    The players need to stand and be counted. We must pray they do so, because this would be the title of all titles for us all.


    No Surrender 


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  5. Was a great point today.hard fought, a team with new belief with a new manager.shite pitch had me fearing the worst.before January we were all saying a point against the tinks, beat hibs, scrape something against the sheep.we dropped our first points today, we beat the rest.i celebrated Cedric 's leveller like I did when we beat celtic 2 weeks ago..keep it steaming Rangers.avoid stupid defeats and 55 is on us.the pressure is starting to tell on the players and the gaffer.im glad we are so many points in front.we have played the best football I've ever seen in my 48 years supporting Rangers.they boys deserve no criticism with the pressure they are under to deliver 55, not to stop the midgie rakers achieving 10. You will be immortals if you deliver.we need to be behind you, in defeat draw and glorious last minute victory.let us win it all of us emotionally shattered from the tea lady, to the folk in the Rangers shops, and the folk who have had to had their windies  shut for the last 9 year., while they basterds crowed about 10. To all of us waiting for the bus away to stenhousemuir had to deal with them playing barca..for all of us


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  6. 11 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

    There were mistakes made on the park. There were mistakes made by Gerrard. Fair enough.

    Previous game was brutal to lose a 2 goal lead to 10 men. Tonight their subs brought not only freshness but improvement in their play. 

    But fucking hell they're as good a team as we've played in years, its a credit to us to come out even against a team that spent e100m this summer.

    Big picture stuff here, we're on a great trajectory. 


    Hear hear.the minute pizzi came on I feared the worst, some fuckin player that.without him last night, we win easily.  My only fear now is the liege late winner.had we won last night we would still have needed something  from the 2 remaining games, but I would take that everytime.

    We are still in with a big shout,the tinks are fuckin out!!! 8-2 on aggregate against a middle of the road side.

    Rangers 5 benfica 5. Nice. Well done the sons of William!


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  7. 16 hours ago, Assegai said:

    I was in tears after he was allowed to leave us.on the same level on my favourites  list as wee durrant, super ally, hately, both Ian Ferguson's,  coop and bobby russell.in my heart they are the greatest Rangers for me cos they gave me my best memories over the decades. But being in the main stand that night,as he started his run up against the tinks with that free kick.i knew it was in before he kicked it. Ibrox exploded. Fuckin loved him and he did us in return. Truly  a fuckin legend.


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  8. On 01/05/2020 at 12:05, Junior Soprano said:

    See this is pish. 

    Season not completed with 5 home games still to go.

    Not knowing if or when the season will start.

    Folk having season tickets for years now not being able to renew because they have been paid off or furloughed.

    50 quid on top of that for away games that might no happen.

    surely they could have at least let some fans to put down a deposit on their seats until everybody knows what’s Gonny happen next season.

    I've just renewed mine via the 10 month plan, only cos I dont want to give up my seat and never get it back.but as somebody else said in this thread, that's the only justification I have.just wish the club would do something for all of us who are parting with our hard earned   in uncertain times, like free entry to a stadium tour for example, just a wee gesture of appreciation.too much to ask I expect.never asked anything from the club before, nor should I,  I suppose, but these are trying times for more than a few of us, would be nice of them to even acknowledge  our financial sacrifice.


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