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Does Lee Mcculloch Deserve Another Role At Rangers?


Does Lee McCulloch deserve it?  

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  1. 1. McCulloch deserving of role?

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He's been with Rangers for 8 years now, I hate using the word 'servant' to describe a footballer but I think it's apt for Lee, he has been a good servant for Rangers up until around 2 years ago where his time was up and shouldn't have been starting every game at centre-back as it cost us countless amounts of points (especially last year)

He stayed with us when others left the sinking ship but still managed to pick up a salary that exceeded £10k per week, some say it's even as high as £18k but I've never seen any proof.

He's never struck me as the type who would go in to coaching/management but there must be something there if MW & Weir are wanting to recruit him, or is it King that wants him? Would it surprise anyone if it was some bizarre clause in his contract that we pay him until he dies?

It's a No from me anyway, I thank him for the good years he put in for us but it's time for both parties to move on IMO.

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Deserve? What's deserve got to do with who our coach is? It's up to Warburton to decide who is the most capable coach he can get. What Lee McCulloch deserves is besides the point. If Warburton decides that McCulloch is his man (which he probably won'), so be it.

What McCulloch doesn't deserve is to be made some permanent object of anger and for this to be expressed whenever some shitey, speculative Sun story appears.

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Absolutely not. After taking upwards of £6m out the club in 8 years as a player he has had more than enough from us. No more. He just isn't value for money and that has been one of our biggest problems in the last 30 years even. Not getting value for money. His fee was over £2m. Have we had almost £10m in value in return from Lee?

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If Warburton wants to bring him on to the coaching staff because he's actually seen something he thinks can add to us then yes.

If it's King/Murray making space to accommodate him then no.

If MW wants to bring him in, then MW is the wrong man.

Beggars belief. Someone is at the wind up!

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I read somewhere that he had done a lot of work studying Southampton as part of his badges. He has always looked fit (if slow) over the last couple of years which suggests he put in a bit extra above the majority of the squad.

My gut reaction is no, but I wouldn't be too quick to write him off. Just because he was part of the shambles doesn't mean he agreed with it.

Maybe he talks a very good game and that is why managers kept playing him.

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