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He is a better option for our style of play than the following :-




I still think that Wallace of old was a better left back then him, but a combination of age and his bust up seem to have fucked his chances with us.

He will effectively be the back up for both Tav and Borna, and is a dependable and decent option for this role.

Doubt he will push either for a starting place though.

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Solid ,reliable ,physical, which is what we needed. Not great going forward but that's  not a problem.  Not as good as Wallace in his prime but doubt we'll ever see that again, and Barisic will no doubt become first choice L/B. Good squad player to have to cover injuries and suspensions.

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Defensive qualities are good, as you say being played on the left rather than the right his attacking is poor.

I agree with what you said in the other thread about being booked and concerned about being sent off, I must admit it was a concern to me as well. 

I think we will miss him on Thursday night, another consequence of that card.

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Think he has been slightly underrated for me. I was worried all last year that whenever any of our left backs came up against anyone we were in trouble. John and Beerman couod attack but not defend. Wallace stood off opponents too much for me and Hodson was as useful as an underwater hairdryer. Flanagan attacks the ball well and tucks in at the back post a lot to help us out. Cunt loves a tackle as well and toughens us.up.

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Yet another Gerrard plus. No doubt about that. 

We've been screaming out for guys with a bit of dig, a bit more physical and that's just what we've got with him. I like him, as I do so much of what's going on around Ibrox these days. We were light in that respect in recent years...not now and I love it. He's also good at basic, everyday defending. 

It sickened me seeing us getting pushed all over the park with no marks. We certainly won't be treated like that this season. I'd bet my life on it.

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