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Half time in the Broomy


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As I said in another thread I was working in queen street station just after 10pm last night and the bears were singing on the upper level and lower level belting out that song and the Alfredo one among others it was good to see and hear bears having something to sing about and not one copper in sight to spoil it.

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20 minutes ago, plumbGER said:

Pointless song, no way will we get there.

That's not really the point. The young guys have the right to dream and enjoy themselves. Every year I can remember since I started following Rangers in the late 60s we have always dreamt of reaching that years European final. Some years the dream lasts longer than others. 

Best one I remember was a simple chant of 

Glasgow Rangers, Scottish Champions 

Going to win the European Cup

Liverpool, English bastards

they can be the runners-up. 

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I miss stuff like that so much. From a boy 50 plus:whistle: years ago I was at home games through the good and bad times. Now I've been unable to attend any games due to illness for a good few years and although watching the game on TV is great you miss the things that I took for granted like coming out into the view of the pitch on nights like last night with the floodlights, the colors in the stadium, that fantastic pitch and the noise of the fans especially when the team run out.

We are honoured and spoiled to support our great team with its fantastic traditions and history.

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47 minutes ago, plumbGER said:

I like the song aswell tbf mate, didn't stop me from telling my boy to stop singing it in the car though because we wouldn't get there:lol:

I agree with you mate

Make sure and stop him singing "UDR4" as he's not an ulsterman, "No1 platoon" as he doesn't have friends about to enlist in the volunteers I'd imagine, "build my gallows" as again he's not an ulsterman and I doubt he thought the IRA, and any other loyalist songs similar.

Also mate can you stop him singing the blue sea of Ibrox unless he's willing to change the verses to more factually correct information of where he's actually travelled to in comparison to Ibrox

I did all of the above mate and I would say I definitely enjoy the football more because of my realism towards my choice of lyric in songs 

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