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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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So aye, first time in 14 years that Aberdeen have taken anything from the piggery. Never mind a point, they’ve gone there and won. On the day that they needed a win to finish above Rangers, against all the odds they’ve managed it, Scottish footballs an absoulute taig love in cesspit. 

Makes me sick to my stomache.

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Aye nae bother Flaky Lips =

Speaking after the game, the Irishman said: “In the game we looked tired and a bit sluggish. It was our 60th competitive game today and I thought the team with a greater need to win the game won. We didn’t play so well but over the bigger picture of the 38 games, we deserved to win it. I said to the players to make sure they celebrate it over the next day or so and then we can get focused for next week.

"It’s always disappointing when you lose, and it’s the first time I’ve lost here in the league in the two seasons I’ve been here. But you have to put that to the side and look at the bigger picture, and the guys have had an incredible seasons with the extra scrutiny and expectation on them.

“To go on and win the league was absolutely great, and congratulations to Aberdeen as they were in a fight to try and finish second, so it was a really good day for them.


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11 hours ago, plumbGER said:

I mean it's good he is sticking it to the beggars but that patter and boasting about his teeth is fucking horrendous.

I'm beginning to suspect this account is a bot which is programmed to reply "horrendous patter" to anything and everything it comes across. 

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