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Gerrard and Goldson : Post Match Reactions


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11 minutes ago, wewillfollowrangers said:

22 European games only 2 defeats, qualification for the group stages from first round of qualification 2 seasons on the trot, built a side on a relative shoestring that would run through walls for him, absolute class act, the epitome of Rangers class.

He's no bad is he?

Thats an incredible stat. roll on Sunday now.

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9 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Nice touch at the end Stevie, he knows what the team means to the fans and what the fans mean to the team. 

Fantastic comments about the fans, hope he knows just how proud we are of him.

He's shaping up to be a top class manager, the complete, package, man management, the ability to inspire, and ability to improve players. The players clearly love playing for him he's absolute gold dust.


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1 minute ago, Siam69 said:

He just gets it.

The only man I want to see do as well as him, is Klopp, so Liverpool don't come looking him.

Happy to see him mention he financial aspect of getting to the group stages, has me thinking he has been told, get through, you  can have more!

Hopefully this means Kent. 

Imagine getting him before Sunday. Scenes would be incredible. 

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2 minutes ago, NeoGeo7 said:

When do we start singing about Gerrard?

Hes turning this club around and we don’t show the same love and appreciation as we do for some of the players.

I really dread the day he leaves the club.

Only team I can see him leaving for in the UK would be Liverpool.

Foreign teams, that's different ...

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6 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

That's 2 bad games aribo has had btw. 

Id start him out of previous ability but he needs to step up. 

Jack Kent aribo the middle 3 for me 

It's a tough one. Kamara's last performance in his last old firm game was something else. Glad it's not me picking the starting line up.

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1 hour ago, Virtuoso said:


Two things said in those two interviews fills me with so much confidence going forward.

Gerrard: i had a go at them, i felt they needed provoked at half time

Goldson:  we aren't conceding goals so we only need to score one 

Both are ABSOLUTELY fucking  spot on.

Gerrard knows exactly  how and when to put a rocket under their arses when its needed and  1-0's in every game wins you trophies.

Id happily settle for 1-0's throughout the season.

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