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Sheyi Ojo


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Just now, TheKingObv said:

He looks like he can't be arsed playing for us. Get him to fuck.

He got played in behind with 1 of the few good passes and instead of being brave and taking it on the run he let it bounce and run across him and went back the way , think it might have been the Forster 1 that he fumbled for a corner 


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The whole team with the exception of McGregor shat it today.

They were expecting them to roll over like they did on the last two visits but they came out and went for it from the start.

It was right back to the bad old days of the past few years, we were bullied by a team that wanted it more.

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1 minute ago, Darrenmt7 said:

He does this thing were he just runs the ball to the corner flag with no actual attempt to go anywhere with it or he touches it out of play, Makes some bizarre decisions.

What the actual fuck is that about???????

About 3 times he stops the ball in field and literally just stood there until it went out. No attempt to turn the man no attempt to pass nothing 

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2 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

Aribo is going to get it tight too for shitting out of a tackle with Brown.

He then put himself about a bit more, but he wasn’t great. Too fast and full blooded for him today.

Ojo - terrible though. Pathetic. Ran the ball out of play for fun, rash into tackles, lost the  ball countless times. Slow, laboured and boring.

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It’s mental that Liverpool won’t do us a favour and loan Kent back to us even though they can’t find a buyer and they don’t want him in their first team but we now have Ojo at the club with Liverpool obviously hoping that we bring him on for them so they can try and sell him for a fee that’s well beyond us next Summer. I don’t even care if it’s potentially cutting off our noses to spite our faces we should send him back in January and say no thanks, we won’t be developing anymore of your players for you.

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