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  1. She doesn't seem the sharpest. She would do my head in.
  2. Has to be Lafferty up front. He showed with Hearts he can score goals and be effective against SPL teams and when he came on against St J he offered more in 10 min than Defoe all game. Defoe up front on his own is horrible to watch.
  3. I think I am the only person who thinks we are playing well
  4. Defoe can not be our solo striker. He offers almost nothing
  5. A good feeling at half time has turned into a traumatic second half
  6. Must be close between him and Kent. We looked so undangerous (new word) while Kent was out injured.
  7. Disappointing that Middleton is not on the bench. Wingers coften change games and when full backs are tired Middleton is at his most effective.
  8. I miss the football we played at the start of the season.
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