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  1. She doesn't seem the sharpest. She would do my head in.
  2. Morelos is going to win it but I would personally go for McGregor.
  3. Has to be Lafferty up front. He showed with Hearts he can score goals and be effective against SPL teams and when he came on against St J he offered more in 10 min than Defoe all game. Defoe up front on his own is horrible to watch.
  4. Mols was one of the best strikers in Europe for 6 months. He was truly unplayable until Bayern. Prso also came to us after getting to a CL final. Morelos needs to do it in big games to be close to them. Great SPL striker but not on the same level, yet.
  5. I think I am the only person who thinks we are playing well
  6. Defoe can not be our solo striker. He offers almost nothing
  7. A real Kenny Miller type for me. Never a midfielder, he will lead the line for Scotland soon.
  8. Their first 2 are away to Killie and the at home to gogoogleityourfuckinself
  9. They have a much tougher fixture list over the next 5 games. I really feel we will be a maximum of 3 points behind going into the next OF. We can do this. In before the 1 game at a time replies.
  10. With the current climate there is no way that will be rescinded.
  11. A good feeling at half time has turned into a traumatic second half
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