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1 minute ago, Moobs said:

Canny phone his family but calls a national phone in 😂😂😂

To near enough greet in front of thousands of listeners.  If it wasn’t one of us at the wind up, I’d be sending someone to the cunts door to make sure he’s still alive 😂

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Just now, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

That Moonpig one is an absolute pain in the arse.

maybe i'm getting auld, but it's just too in your face, rapid and annoying

also i turned it up 100% on my speakers so i could hear tims moaning while i'm working on the house, had to stop what i was doing and come back and turn it down :lol:

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Just now, born a blue nose said:

If you watch the goal closely it’s pre planned by Goldson, he makes a Quick dart in line with the 18 yard box which triggers that big dumpling to track back then angles his run towards the pen spot. 

Class movement 

He actually spoke about the goal in his interview with RTV.  Said he told tav to put it front post but keep it away from Duffy who was on the back post. 

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