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Just now, stuart1994 said:

Made a career out of drag backs. Absolutely fucking rotten, does absolutely nothing. Up there with Dessers as our worst signing this season. Infact at least the balls hit of Dessers arse a few times for a goal, Lammers worse for me. 

Lammers was worse tonight. Hope he’s not allowed on the flight 

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2 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Chucked it on Saturday and that went into tonight.

He has the look of a guy who doesn’t want to be here now the guy who signed him has left.

To chuck it you're implying that he can be better...I don't think that this is true.

He's just terrible. 

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8 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

A donkey.

Best part of 8 million on him and Dessers.

A club like us can't afford to do awful business like that yet we do year after year. It's no wonder we win fuck all

Anyone with a brain could see both were more likely to be failures here.

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